The High Road with Mario Batali & Guest Julianna Margulies

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The High Road with Mario Batali 
and guest Julianna Margulies
My old friend Julianna Margulies joins me on this week’s episode of “The High Road with Mario Batali” available now on Hulu. She’s an award-winning actress, producer, mother and one of the lovliest people I have the pleasure of calling my pal. Together we climb 102 stories to one of the tallest landmarks in New York City, The Empire State Building. In this episode, we discuss Julianna’s favorite characters, heroes, love for people watching and why we’re so proud to call this city our home.
Tune into “The High Road with Mario Batali” on Hulu every Thursday at midnight PDT

Each episode, I’ll be joined by an interesting personality for a candid convo and a unique adventure. We’re taking you with us to unexpected locales in my beloved New York City. With good friends like Mike Myers, Jimmy Fallon, Liv Tyler and more, you don’t want to miss out on one helluva series in one helluva city.
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