The Griswolds Release The Mind-Blowing Video For “Red Tuxedo” Premieres On Vice Noisey Today

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The Griswolds Release The Mind-Blowing Video For “Red Tuxedo”

Premieres On Vice Noisey Today
Featuring An All Star Cast Including (And In No Particular Order) Batman, Skeletor, Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, Thomas The Train, Bugs Bunny, Mr T, Optimus Prime, Mr. Peanut, Power Rangers and More!




The tropical-alt band The Griswolds who hail from Sydney, Australia are currently in the studio with Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix) working on their debut album out summer 2014. Today, they are releasing their fourth video from their Heart of a Lion EP on Vice Noisey today.  The “Red Tuxedo” video rounds out a set of inspiring videos from the band and was spawned from the chaotic yet brilliant minds of The Griswolds
‘ Daniel Duque-Perez and video director, Kris Merc of Project Fathom (alt-J, Oberhofer, Toro y Moi).

Watch “Red Tuxedo” above and get excited about The Griswolds while watching their other three videos too…

“Heart of a Lion”


“The Courtship of Summer Preasley”

About the “Red Tuxedo” video…
We actually met with the Kris (director) and Nolan (Project Fathom) with little intention of wanting to make a video clip for this song,” said Duque-Perez, “but when they showed us their previous work and treatment for this song (which was dope) it made us want to make a vid for ‘Red Tuxedo.’ The song is about our younger years, losing your virginity in the back seat of a car and all the feelings that times like those bring up.”  Duque-Perez continues, “The first time we met with Kris and Nolan, we asked them to make a video that was really tripped out and included lots of nostalgic icons from that point in time in our lives. The guys were totally into that idea and we had a lot of faith that they would deliver the goods.  They were so committed to wanting to make it that when we got the first draft back from Kris, he even wrote and I quote “lots of acid and a breakup later, here is the first draft…”
Nolan adds, “The song reminded me of some of my more awkward years. The process, in a word, was ‘wild’ in the best of ways. The band really was a creative partner encouraging me to make something genuine. Hearing the tones of the song got me thinking about dating. The feelings of being in some haze and remembering the girls that got away. Etana, Denise, Melanie, Nadia. Delving into the pop culture craze of the times as a sort of half pleasure, half fever dream. A solution to the problems of lust and youth. Cartoons, Celebrities, Icons, Sex, Anime, Video Games, Money. Getting lost in that nostalgia really struck me. The escapism of it all. The cool shit we as a generation shared, I mean I fucking love Power Rangers. I still wish I was the Green Ranger till this day. In some ways I felt the song was an anthem to this feeling, always wishing…

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