The Exit Man: Darkly Comic Yet Poignant Story About Voluntary Euthanasia, by Eli Edelmann

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The Exit Man: Darkly Comic Yet Poignant Story About Voluntary Euthanasia

Austin, TX, September 30, 2014 – Suicide should come with a warning label: “Do not try this alone.” If you truly need out and want the job done right, you should consider using an outside expert. Like Eli Edelmann.

Eli never intended to make a living through mercy killing – things just worked out that way.

If you love dark humor and sardonic wordplay, The Exit Man by Greg Levin is the read for you! While this upmarket black comedy is highly entertaining and intriguing, it’s also poignant and sure to open readers’ eyes and elicit some lively discussion about voluntary euthanasia. Already proving himself a hot contender in the dark comedy genre, Levin’s latest book has attracted the attention of a film producer who has expressed interest in basing a cable TV series on The Exit Man.

Eli Edelmann got into his highly unusual line of work after reluctantly taking over his family’s party supply store following his father’s death. He is approached by a terminally ill family friend who has had enough. The friend, a retired policeman, has an elaborate plan involving something Eli has ready access to at the family store – helium. While Eli is shocked and repulsed initially by the macabre proposal, he soon softens his stance and eventually agrees to lend a hand.

Eli thought it was a one-time thing – he had no idea that euthanasia would become his true calling. His biggest concern now is how long he can keep his daring underground operation going before the police or his volatile new girlfriend get wise…

If laughter is the best medicine, readers get more than their share in The Exit Man – a great read that brings plenty of levity to a serious subject. Think ‘Dexter’ meets Dr. Kevorkian.

About the author:

Greg Levin was born in Huntington, NY, but raised in Harrisburg, PA. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Communication. The Exit Man is Greg’s second novel. His first, Notes on an Orange Burial, received rave reviews and told a brilliantly funny story of the desperation of an aspiring poet. Greg lives with his wife and daughter in Austin, TX, and adds that he is “one of just 17 people here who don’t play a musical instrument or write songs.”

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The Exit Man
Publisher: White Rock Press
ISBN-10: 0990402916
ISBN-13: 978-0990402916



If These Books Could Talk: “Death. Tricky subject. How do we deal with it? How do we cope? What will we do when our time comes and how will it feel? And more to the point, would we ever hire someone to help us on our way?…This is Greg Levin’s second novel, and it’s a corker. For such a potentially awful subject matter, Levin injects an amazing level of brevity and dark humor, but it’s not tasteless in any way… haven’t laughed so much at such a dark topic since Carl Hiaasen’s early days.”

The Gal In The Blue Mask: “Wow! This is one of those ‘If I could give higher than 5 stars, I would’ books, a book that has won a place on my top 5 of 2014. Just. Plain. Wow!… I love the way he writes – and the way Eli thinks throughout the whole story. Mr. Levin, I plan to read more of you.”

TNT Reviews: “When I started reading this book I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The genre is imagination-capturing and fresh, I loved every minute of It!…Eli’s life becomes more complicated with every “exit” and the irony of his love life is an intricate delight that spirals the plot into an extraordinary climax. I highly recommend reading [the book] but strongly advise: Do Not Try This At Home!”

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