THE ACADEMY OF SUCCESS AND LEADERSHIP TO PRESENT “THINK LIKE A LEADER” TRAINING SEMINAR ON APRIL 28 AT SELBY GARDENS; Seats are limited and tickets for this exclusive session are just $95 per person, which includes lunch, networking and a 5-module course of the Academy’s holistic, immersive flagship program: “Excelsior”

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Seats are limited and tickets for this exclusive session are just $95 per person, which includes lunch, networking and a 5-module course of the Academy’s holistic, immersive flagship program: “Excelsior.”

(SARASOTA, FL | APRIL 12, 2016) – On April 28, 2016 from 9am – 2pm, the Academy of Success and Leadership (ASaL) will present “Think Like a Leader” at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. This holistic, hands-on leadership and networking seminar is the first presentation of the company’s proprietary, flagship “Excelsior” training program, which is designed to explore an individual’s unique path to leadership, confidence, knowledge, and skill to guide them towards their personal leadership style. 

Excelsior is a holistic approach to guiding clients through their deeper self to discover their potential for leadership and success. The program encompasses teachings about mind, thought, environment, goals and much more. Through self-analysis and self-actualization, attendees will discover the leadership traits they already possess and learn how to use their strengths confidently and with purpose.

Tickets for this exclusive session are just $95 per person, available online at: and include lunch, networking and a 5-module course:

  • Module 1. Introduction and Self-Assessment: Attendees will explore the characteristics that make them think, feel and act the way they do.
  • Module 2. The Secrets of the Mind: Thought-provoking introduction to the science of success and how to master thought patterns.
  • Module 3. Goal Setting and Direction: Discovery of individual goals and how to organize them into a clear and definite direction.
  • Module 4. Challenges as a Launching Pad for Success: Techniques for transmuting challenges into the launching pads for success.
  • Module 5. Solidifying Authority: Practical and ultimate techniques for solidifying the leader’s mindset so that authority is true, pure and stands up to scrutiny. 

Event Details:

For a free consultation on how the Academy can help your organization, and to receive more information about sponsoring or attending the April 28th “Think Like a Leader” seminar, contact Matt at 941.779.4229.


Co-founder Elizabeth A. A. Wilson share’s the organization’s insights in her weekly leadership and success blog, publishing each Wednesday:


The Academy for Success and Leadership has developed teachings and techniques for clients to use at home and at work creating an extension of knowledge and skills into their community and beyond. By creating mindful leaders Excelsior can help clients discover their own true style of leadership and their true style in life. Using the skills and techniques learned during the Excelsior program attendees will have the power to create an environment of progress and expansion everywhere they tread.


  • Increased retention of personnel/students
  • Increased confidence 
  • Improved communication within teams
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Reduced stress and conflict
  • Improved conflict management


Founded in 2015, Matthew and Elizabeth A. A. Wilson developed the Academy of Success and Leadership as a specialized approach to explore each individual’s unique path to leadership. The Academy focuses on teaching principles of thought and consciousness, blending the scientific foundation of personality assessment with established principles of mindset. Through energetic coaching sessions that help its clients build necessary skills, the Academy works with individual’s to create an actionable success roadmap optimizing each learner’s personal leadership style. The Academy works globally, delivering coaching programs to clients on all continents and are experts in administering the internationally acclaimed MBTI® tool.


Matthew A. A. Wilson, Executive Director of Education / Lead Educator 

After nearly 15 years working in director level positions in Higher Education both nationally and abroad, Matt decided he was tired of doing things other people’s way. He yearned to find his own way and focus on his true passion. So, he quit his job to devote his life to educating, inspiring and leading people into the direction of their true purpose. Armed with 15 years’ experience in counseling, extensive self study, and traditional degrees, he has developed a style of coaching people that is ethical, inspiring, fun – and most of all – true to himself.  He is a self proclaimed lover of life and people, and with his positive attitude and practical application of his philosophy he has become a successful family man and business entrepreneur. Matt is the one to have in your life if you need a change, a boost, or a dose of practical positivity that will leave you believing in yourself and wanting more. Matt is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in History and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. He is currently completing his PhD in Leadership and Management from Barry University in Miami, Florida.

Elizabeth A. A. Wilson, Director of Programming

Elizabeth yawned her way through a successful career in business strategy in the UK before she realized she was a writer trapped in a bureaucrat’s body. She picked up a pen and in less than three years published two novels, collaborated with NY Times bestselling authors, starred in a documentary, and met and worked with people who have some of the world’s most fascinating success stories. Intrigued by how success comes so easily to some, Elizabeth dedicated her life to studying and teaching the principles behind winning and losing. She has now been a progression mentor for seven years, specializing in transforming mindset and challenging limiting perspectives. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Criminology before entering a career in project management and business strategy, during which time she gained the professional project management qualification PRINCE2, or PRojects IN Controlled Environments. When she is not co-leading The Academy, she spends her free time as a published author and novelist, and a noted blogger on spiritual topics. She is also an ordained minister.

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