TCM News: Things We Love This Month, The Jewish Experience on Film and Classic Pre-Code

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In past years TCM has conducted in-depth looks at how various groups have been portrayed in films, as well as at their contributions to the movie industry. This September, TCM is once again shining the spotlight on a select group with The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience On Film. And what better group to focus on than a community that not only has been a vital part of the motion picture industry but also was instrumental in building it from the earliest days of nickelodeons to the massive film factories of the studio era, all the way up to the industry as it exists and functions today. Read More
Things We Love This Month
I really love our Friday Night Spotlight series. It not only gives us the chance to dive deep into a particular topic, but we also get the opportunity to hear from an interesting guest host. Our focus this September is “Classic Pre-Code,” and each title contains subjects that your average moviegoer wouldn’t associate with films from the 1930s: sexual promiscuity, infidelity, prostitution, suicide and murder, to name a few.
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There is nothing like a good laugh, which is why I have always loved a good classic comedy film. Billy Wilder’s film The Apartment (1960) produces some big laughs with a quaint little tale about everyday people who get tangled up in love, jealousy and infidelity. It boasts a top-notch cast led by the trio of Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray, who are tremendous.
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Our Star of the Month for September, the often over-looked and underrated Melvyn Douglas, could have boasted (if he’d been the type, which he wasn’t) of having not one, but two of the best careers of any actor in motion pictures.

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If you’re like me, you saw Hal Ashby’s Being There when you were a kid. And while I like to imagine myself as a fairly sophisticated 12-year-old, it turns out I completely missed what’s great about the movie. Mostly it’s Peter Sellers, who plays Chance the gardener (aka Chauncey Gardner).

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I’ve always loved the idea of double bills and series, of putting one movie side by side with another movie. You see them in light of one another, and it enriches your sense of both. There’s a name for it: programming. The people at TCM are exceptionally good at it, and it’s one of the reasons we all love the channel.

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