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Hosted by Corner Social’s Americana Tuesdays, the Event Celebrates the Strength of the Human Spirit and Will Help Raise Money for Wiggle Your Toes, Inc. Which Helps Victims of Limb Loss Get Back to Their Lives Through Competition and Sport


New York, NY (May 2016) — On Tuesday, May 24th, 6:30pm to 9:30pm the Sensual, and eXotic new SX Liquors brand will join popular New York City personal trainer and Wiggle Your Toes amputee athlete Billy Davis for his annual Cheeseburger Day hosted by Corner Social at 321 Malcolm X Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11233! The event celebrates the strength of the human spirit and will raise money for victims who have survived traumatic limb loss, with all proceeds going to Wiggle Your Toes, Inc.- an organization that enables victims to get back to their lives through competition and sports.

On May 19th, 2012, Davis lost his left leg above the knee in a near fatal motorcycle accident. “When I awoke from my coma five days later I immediately asked for a Cheeseburger and a coke,” explains Davis. “So every year since, I celebrate my ‘Alive Day’ and the day I woke up from my coma by eating a cheeseburger to remember those who have survived traumatic limb loss.” In recent years, Cheeseburger Day has been filled with pictures on social media of people all over the country enjoying burgers. “My goal was to one-day turn Cheeseburger Day into a fundraiser for victims of limb loss. And I am so excited to be competing in sports again and raising money for Wiggle Your Toes by teaming up with Corner Social on Americana Tuesdays and SX Liquors,” says Davis. Everyone who purchases a beef, turkey and/or salmon burger at Cheeseburger Day, Corner Social donates a portion of the burger’s cost to Wiggle Your Toes.

Davis has been competing in one form or another since childhood. In high school he played football, wrestled, and ran track. By the end of his time at Topeka High School in Topeka, Kansas, Davis would rack up countless accolades for each sport, including a Kansas state track and field title that earned him a track and field scholarship to the University of Kansas. Looking for new ways to stay active Davis found Jiu Jitsu, cycling, and Tough Mudders. Winning a North American Grappling Association (NAGA) title first and then participating in the TD Five Borough Bike tour and the Montauk Century on multiple occasions. Six months after surviving the horrific motorcycle accident that took his left leg above the knee, he would return to his job as a successful New York City personal trainer having endured nine surgeries and spending four and a half months in inpatient rehab at Westchester Medical Center in Westchester, NY. Doctors, friends and family credit Davis’s exceptional physical conditioning along with his incredible work ethic and determination as primary factors in his amazing recovery. Always up for a challenge, Davis would return to cycling less than a year after his accident and now he is preparing for his first Olympic distance triathlon with the Wiggle Your Toes Triathlon




Cheeseburger Day is sponsored by SX Liquors, a new line of premium spirits launched in 2011 that has been rapidly expanding since announcing the partnership with Grammy Award Winning R&B Star Trey Songz. The SX mission is to make the world a little sexier and debuted with a bold promise: “Your Drink. Sexier!”. To accomplish this, the company delivers Latin liquors infused with sensual and exotic ingredients to deliver the ultimate taste experience. “SX liquors is excited to be a part of Cheeseburger Day on Americana Tuesdays at Corner Social. It is an amazing cause and Corner Social is a sexy place for our range of crafted tequilas, rums and vodkas,” says David Knight, CEO and founder of SX Liquors, adding “On a personal note I am pleased to support Billy as a friend and inspiration and I am enjoying running and training with him to cross a triathlon finish line soon” . The “S” in SX’s name stands for Sensual and the “X” comes from eXotic, and the drinks and contoured bottles from which they pour are both. The SX spirits range includes two tequilas, two rums, and two vodkas, all made in Mexico with a variety of barrel aging and infusions giving them a unique and softer taste ideal for the female palette. SXchachacha (Featured in Songz video “Slow Motion”), is a 100% blue agave reposado tequila with a hint of honey and the exotic bite of Mexican lemons.


SX Liquors Will Also Be Including Billy Davis Cheeseburger Day Cocktail Recipes Such As:


Tall Dark and Handsome– Ginger Margarita

2oz SXchachacha

Splash lime juice

.5 st Germain

.5 grand marnier

Top with ginger beer

Mix ingredients together and pour over ice and top with ginger beer


Billy D Hulk – Blueberry Caiparinha

2oz SXsamba

6 limes

.5oz simple syrup or spoon sugar

4-6 blueberries

Splash of blue Curaçao for color

Muddle limes, simple/sugar, and blueberries, add SXsamba, shake and pour all contents into rocks glass and garnish with a splash of blue Curaçao


Biv Body Manhattan

2oz SXnegro

3dashes bitter

.75 sweet vermouth

Stir ingredients and strain into martini glass and garnish with cherry


One Legged Lady Killer – Honey Tequila Cosmo

2oz SXchachacha

.splash lime juice

.75oz grand marnier

.75oz cranberry juice

Shake ingredients and strain into martini glass


So come enjoy a cheeseburger at Billy Davis’s annual Cheeseburger Day on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016, at 6:30pm to 9:30pm! An evening full of fun, food, SX Liquors, cheeseburgers, and great people raising money for a great cause hosted by Corner Social – 321 Malcolm X Blvd, corner of Lenox Avenue and 126th Street.


For More Info on SX Liquors, VISIT:


For Trey Songz Inquiries, Please Contact Brad Taylor: [email protected]


For More on Wiggle Your Toes, VISIT:


To Donate Directly to the Billy Davis Wiggle Your Toes campaign, VISIT:


More About Davis and Wiggle Your Toes, Inc:

Wiggle Your Toes provides support to amputees and their families by bringing critical resources together to help handle important issues, from legal issues to therapy, so they can take the next step. WYT takes amputees from ‘what now?’ and ‘what’s next?’ to ‘here’s how’ and ‘now I can.’ “The mission of Wiggle Your Toes is to help amputees heal, recover, return to their active lifestyle and flourish,” says Rachael Hartman, Wiggle Your Toes Board Member. “Billy Davis is a complete embodiment of that mission. Not only is Billy a client of Wiggle Your Toes, he has become a true team member. Participating in challenging endurance events, training fellow amputees, raising funds to support the efforts of Wiggle Your Toes and speaking at Wiggle events are just some of the ways Billy dedicates himself to the cause and continually inspires all those around him to exceed their goals and never give up.”

Davis was a Wiggle Your Toes recipient of a high-tech prosthetic leg designed by Prosthetics In Motion (PIM), which includes the Genium knee from Ottobock for his everyday use. In addition to the Genium knee, Wiggle has provided Davis with a running prosthesis, also created by PIM so he can participate on the 2016 Wiggle Your Toes Triathlon Team. Davis says, “Cheeseburger Day at Corner Social on Americana Tuesdays allows me to raise funds to give back and to say thank you to the organization that has enabled me to get back to my active lifestyle so I can in return help other amputees get back to their lives.” Twitter and Instagram: @wiggleyourtoes


More About Davis and Corner Social’s “Americana Tuesdays”:

Corner Social’s Americana Tuesdays gives the Uptown community an opportunity to network and mingle with other like-minded, successful individuals in an atmosphere that is artistic, entertaining and fun. It has quickly become the premier event on Tuesday evenings, a time where you can relax and enjoy the amazing beats by world-class DJs and many other performing artists. “Americana Tuesdays and Corner Social are very proud to be a part of this amazing event. Billy Davis is such an inspiration for our community, through his courage and resilience he has demonstrated that adversity not only builds character but also reveals it,” says Americana Tuesdays founder and Corner Social General Manager Raphael Benavides. “Billy has bounced back from adversity to focus and emphasize the positive in our human nature, through his strength, confidence and optimism he has triumphed over fear and adversity. It is our honor to work with him for such an amazing cause” .

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