Steven Machat Third For Senator and on Way to Make Positive Change in Florida

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Steven Machat Third For Senator and on Way to Make Positive Change in Florida

The United States takes pride in having leaders, whether it’s the President down to officials in the government. Steven Machat has prided himself on being a leader, starting his own political party, and debating about human rights and what it means to be a human. He has demonstrated what it means to be a leader and how people can come together in order to make a difference. Dealing with politics today, people are more concerned about having a leader who will show actions rather than make promises they cannot keep. These days, political leaders are more concerned with themselves and not working with the people and that’s what makes Steven Machat stand out.



In 2011, Steven’s career took a turn into politics. He released Man, Community & Living the American Dream, a manual to understanding the Earth Changes, consciousness of Earth and destruction of the economy controlled by “Banksters”. Using this book to create the Wheel Party, a non-political people movement, Steven announced his run as an Independent candidate for Florida’s United States Senate in 2015. His goals are simple: To bring America back in line with the United States Declaration of Independence, the real mantra of man. Below I have included a bulleted list of the views and policies supported by Steven Machat.

  • Pro-business: Steven Machat believes in a society where the government serves the community.  He believes the government must provide a living standard for all, which entails a minimum standard of health and education.
  • Proper Pay: Steven Machat believes in proper pay rather than equal pay. Meaning gender, social class and appearance do not and will not affect pay.
  • Secure borders with open trade.
  • Immigration: Steven Machat believes in providing citizenship to illegal immigrants as long as they are actively and willingly contributing to society.
  • Equality: Steven Machat believe that gay rights should not be a subcategory of human rights. He believes in equality across the board, especially regarding laws and taxes. He does not believe in tax breaks for the higher-class.
  • Pro-choice: Steven Machat believes it is not the duty of the government to dictate a personal decision.
  • Protection of the Everglades.


Venturing into the creative, Machat expanded into theater and movies. While Machat represented many of the leading performers of our time, he is proudest of “HOPE”, an album the Dali Lama dedicated to peace. An author as well, Machat has written four books:  Highways of Man – The Odyssey Almanac, Man, Community & Living The American DreamGods, Gangsters and Honor: A Rock ‘n’ Roll OdysseySacred Knowledge, A Rock ‘n’ Roller’s Guide to Higher Consciousness

As a result of his personal and professional experiences, Machat has an understanding of the people of our world and has achieved a global perspective. That’s why Steven Machat is the right choice for United States Senate.

If you would like to find out more information on Steven Machat and support his campaign, please click his direct website link

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