Steven Machat is an unconventional Independent candidate running for US Senate in Florida; Meet and Greet on Thursday, February 11 8 to 10 p.m. at Moreno’s Cuba 318 20th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

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for U.S. Senate for Florida!
Steven Machat is an unconventional Independent candidate running for US Senate in Florida. He is an experienced entrepreneur, entertainment attorney, rock n’ roll mogul, deal maker, social activist, prolific author, film producer and an avid historian. He believes music and mindfulness has the power to break down barriers, transcend emotions and send a strong message. He believes in creating real equality, building communities, living wages,  legalizing marijuana, ending the war on drugs, universal single-pay healthcare, free education and end the corruption of Wall Street and the third party banking system governing our nation.
Let’s recreate the middle class and open up a new paradigm for people of the 21st Century with a focus on equality and prosperity for all Americans, starting in Florida.
Moreno’s Cuba
318 20th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139
$20 donation for open rum and vodka bar and complimentary appetizers.
About Steven Machat:
Steven is an unconventional Independent candidate, he is a deal maker, social activist and an avid historian. His business life has brought him to all six continents where he has represented famous music icons of different countries and languages. He knows the people of our world, their desires, their laws and their media like no candidate ever has. Steven has a traditional education background, he graduated from Vanderbilt Law School and University of Miami Business School. While at Vanderbilt, Steven became politically involved with Phil Walden of Capricorn Records helping to elect Jimmy Carter for President in the mid 70’s. Steven is a seasoned traveler, thru his travels he produced, executive produced, promoted and marketed his clients.  He has discovered music, culture, and history thru people living all over the world giving him a unique ‘world citizen’ view.
In addition, Steven has ventured in the creative and business process in theater, movies and movie soundtracks. Such as, “Elvis”  West London Production, “Private Lives” with Elizabeth Taylor, “Flashdance”, “Streetfighter”, “Judge Dredd”,  Stan Lee Properties, “HOPE” an album with the Dali Lama dedicated to Peace and the award winning musical documentary “Bird on a Wire” about Leonard Cohen’s travels from Dublin Ireland to Tel Aviv Israel. Steven Machat has represented, managed and produced some of the biggest pop culture icons of today in the entertainment business, such as The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Ozzy Osbourne, Bobby Brown, Leonard Cohen and  new artists from Sweden, Yung Lean and The Sad Boys. | #themindfulcandidate


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