Stand Up and Say No’s Video Premiere on Popmatters! New Single, Album & CMW Debut

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Stand Up And Say No
Assuming Loyal
9218-1924 Quebec Inc.
6 May 2014

Stand Up and Say No’s Video Premiere on Popmatters!
New Single, Album & CMW Debut

Debut EP “Assuming Loyal” Out May 6th
Ottawa band to release single, video for “Can You Feel” ahead of Canadian Music Week performance


(New York, NY) – Ottawa’s Stand Up and Say No exclusively premiered their brand new video for “Can You Feel” via Popmatters. The song is the first track from their forthcoming EP Assuming Loyal, and is available on the band’s website. An accompanying video for “Can You Feel” will launch on April 21st. Stand Up and Say No will officially release Assuming Loyal on May 6th, just in time for their debut at this year’s Canadian Music Week festival in Toronto from May 6th – 10th.
Upon hearing the four songs from Stand Up and Say No’s Assuming Loyal, one is reminded of bands such as Interpol and The Strokes: driving guitars and catchy melodies abound, and there is just enough swing to win over those brave enough to dance. However, unlike those purveyors of NYC fashion and sex appeal who made their name in part by living the fast life, front man and creative mastermind Andre Nault is a one-man songwriting machine and 30-something family man who is fighting the widely held belief that men like him must give up a career in music for the sake of adopting a more traditional lifestyle.
Nault, frustrated by the initial lack of interest in his music, followed his last gig in Quebec City in 2011 by selling all his instruments – except for one guitar. Nault used this guitar to write a collection of jingles that soon caught the ear of a Los Angeles-based licensing company. After his songs were placed in a series of popular car commercials, Nault was inspired to form Stand Up and Say No.
The project soon became Nault’s personal protest against the conventions of 9-5 workdays and nights spent sitting on the couch in front of the TV. He recalls the moment clearly: “I remember one evening watching television and thinking to myself ‘Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Is this how you want your family to remember you?’” The answer was a resounding “NO!”
Rather than write songs that try to appeal to a fleeting perception of cool, Nault has made Assuming Loyal into a collection of songs that he thinks are good and worthy of releasing. In an industry that glamorizes empty and conditional relationships, Nault seeks to redefine the meaning of it all: “Now when I write about love, I know what love is.”  

For more information on Stand Up and Say No, visit their new website.
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