Songstress YV SALOME Explores the Duality of Life in Her New Song “Kill U”

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YV SALOME Explores the Duality of Life in Her New Song “Kill U”

Kill U Premieres on
May 7th 2019 Dark Pop/Darkwave solo artist YV SALOME releases her new song Kill U
Internationally published model and classically trained solo artist YV SALOME announces her new song Kill U, off her upcoming EP Love My Life. Kill U explores the duality of life, how with happiness and love can come pain and misery. The higher you climb in life the harder it hurts on the way down. In the end though it’s ok to feel pain and deal with the hardship along with the good things in life. It’s the only real way to understand the nature of the world, when you see it from both sides.
YV SALOME’S new EP Love My Life will be out the end of this year. Kill U will be released May 8th and will be available on all streaming platforms worldwide. Kill U is premiering at and can be heard below.

A solo project of an international published alternative model and former classic vocalist who started a singing career being in love with baroque music.

Taking inspiration from the creators of the past from Edgar Allan Poe to Oscar Wild, mixing that experience with all the possibilities given by modern world YV SALOME creates a sophisticated and hedonic world where all the pleasures and all the forms of self-expression are possible and celebrated. The city of Prague where YV SALOME has always inspired people related to the mysteries of this world. And the mysteries are always waiting for these who are ready to dedicate their lives to it.

“Being model or artist means to be changeable, be different and this is what I do – I change, I evolve and constantly challenge myself. In order to overcome dark and grim truths of this world, I’m exploring the depths of a human being and it’s abilities. I moved from pretty typical gothic-metal music to electronic music, from classical vocals to pop singing. This is what I believe can help you to understand how to keep it yours and keep it fun … move further, change, dive deeper” – says YV SALOME.

In 2019 Univerzita Karlova (Prague, Czech Republic) confirmed YV SALOME’s Bachelor degree in Psychology and it finally gave the creator a chance to move on with the music career and on September 8th the first single [I Want to Die] was launched.

“As for the sources of inspiration I’m getting it from my own life and what’s going on within it. Everything starts with me, with own perception of reality inside and out. I took the best from the past as an example of what can be reached if you’re eager enough to get to your limits and move further, dive deeper, change and continue doing it even on the edge of your sanity”

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