Sole Obsession: Rip-Roaring, Rollicking Romance Novel, Hailed an “Amazing Read” by Critics, Puts the Humor & Humanity Back into Erotic Fiction

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Sole Obsession: Rip-Roaring, Rollicking Romance Novel, Hailed an “Amazing Read” by Critics, Puts the Humor & Humanity Back into Erotic Fiction


Pam Stanley’s ‘Sole Obsession’ is red-hot, side-splitting and an upliftingly-realistic erotic suspense-romance novel that gives 50 Shades a serious run for its money. Replacing high-fantasy with raw, real depictions of love and sex, it’s no wonder critics from both ends of the sex spectrum are flooding in with glowing reviews. Join heroine Sydney Wilde as she navigates the frustrating waters of man-hunting, while being blissfully unaware that one man is already following her and will stop at nothing until they’re together. Every reader will recognize themselves or a friend in the book’s classy array of characters…proof that real life *can* be this much fun!


Kansas City, Missouri – While nobody will deny erotic fiction’s recent surge in popularity, both readers and critics are becoming disenfranchised with over-blown sex scenes and relationships that quite frankly could only exist in fiction. Thankfully, U.S. writer Pam Stanley is bucking all trends with gusto, bringing to market a new erotic suspense-romance series that could literally be playing out next door.

Volume one in the ‘Wilde Rides’ series is ‘Sole Obsession’; a hilarious, thought-provoking and unbelievably vivid adventure through the rollercoaster that is friendship, love and sex. It’s Stanley’s seemingly successful attempt at redefining one of the literary world’s most popular genres.


A sizzling red hot and very funny erotic romance series starring the spunky heroine Sydney Wilde, presents Book 1- ‘Sole Obsession’. This is the perfect easy pool read book, complete with suspense and comedy, and topped with a large serving of indulgent sexy scenarios. The storyline follows a frustrated woman looking for love, all the while unaware she is the sole obsession of a predator who is determined they shall be together. The Wilde Horses are her group of friends, all sexually confident and happy to share their skills and passion. You will certainly recognize at least one person you know among these characters, if you don’t recognize yourself. The book will thrill, excite, and make you laugh out loud as well as look over your shoulder more often. Enjoy the journey and look for the next in the series, Book 2-‘ Evangeline,Miss Match’… AKA ‘The Online Date Killer’ coming soon!

“My over-riding goal was to create something so real and immersive that readers will find themselves blurring the lines between fact and fiction,” explains Stanley. “The story has a perfect balance of drama, palm-sweating sex and light humor that reminds readers it’s a story about REAL LIFE! In fact, I challenge anyone to read it and not recognize either themselves or a close friend in one of the characters. It may also give readers a few ideas for their naughty bucket list ;)”

Continuing, “I admit that I drew inspiration from life as it has unfolded around me, while working diligently to craft something that will appeal to both men and women. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so it’s no surprise that I’m currently furiously writing away to get book two out as soon as possible.”

As Stanley mentions, reviews have been nothing but glowing. For example, William T. Polese comments, “Characters well developed with funny lines. The imagery is vivid that both runners and couch potatoes won’t be able to put down! When will the next one be done?”

Bergitt adds, “What an awesome plot! Loved it and can’t wait for the sequel! The author hints at misdeeds and romance to come in the next installment!”

‘Sole Obsession’ is available now:

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