Six Days ‘Til Sunday Release “Disease” Music Video From Debut Album “Predetermined”

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Six Days ‘Til Sunday Release “Disease” Music Video From Debut Album “Predetermined”


March 18, 2014Los Angeles, California – LA based Hard Rock band Six Days ‘Til Sunday have released the Official music video for their track “Disease“, off the band’s debut album “Predetermined“, available now!

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The video, shot over 2 days in Hollywood, California with director Tom Von Doom, uses live footage from Six Days ‘Til Sunday’s debut show at the Whisky A Go Go as well as conceptual footage. “Disease” tells the story of an apocalyptic circumstance that plays itself out over and over again.

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About Six Days ‘Til Sunday:

…somewhere in the outer most regions of this world as we have come to know it…. the wasteland breeds a new type of mayhem. Come forth the divine structure of a being not known for its kindness, nor its evil.

A being unsure of its boundaries, it stakes its claim upon the violence it preys upon. Time has moved on. There is no god, no plague of false idols, just a swarm of survivors seeking an inner peace yet finding only a bevy of litany, a dream of glory, and a circle of silence…

The sun warms the wasteland and blood drenches the earth…

Save yourself before this goes too far!

Starlin Cross – Lead Vocals – Guitar – A discerning, powerful being who appears to those around him as seemingly human yet still somehow not of this world. Behind his arrogant defiance some say his eyes betray a deep sadness that goes unnamed.

His calming, structured voice and powerful lyrics, while burning the hillsides, instructs his followers to their divine destiny. Always questioning… is there a new path for us or is this life a single path of violent disaster?

Devlin 9 – Drums – No other has crossed the path of uncertainty as this one has. Yet still he wages on this journey. The flame that fuels this simple yet dangerous individual has been re-ignited in the coals of this wasteland. His anger burns through every smile…

Eric Griffin – Lead Guitar – A vengeful soul with a yearning for peace… Always searching for the meaning behind it all… He strikes with deadly precision at that which would restrain him.

Malice – Bass – With the viral intelligence of a master of deceit this one has decided to seek the truth despite the fact that the truth sometimes leads to a lesson in pain. He has learned that the most brutal lies are the ones you tell yourself.



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