Shedding Light on Comedy & Pounds with Laughercise: Lunch with Laughter, Creator & Mom of 3, Felica Madison, Jan 23, Noon-2pm, NYC, Petaluma Restaurant, NYC

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Felicia Madison, Upper East Side Mom, Creates ” Laughercise”, Laughing Lunches

Felicia Madison had a childhood dream of becoming a Broadway dancer. Her parents had other plans …which is why she was pre-med in college! 

Felicia graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in biological basis of behavior and a minor in marketing. (She jokes that she’s only qualified to sell drugs!)

Happily married and Manhattan mother of three, Felicia pulls on her experiences as a stay-at-home mom in an affluent part of the world to poke fun at marriage, parenthood and life in general.  

You’ll find Felicia performing throughout NYC. In addition to live appearances, Felicia is blogging, podcasting and writing a screenplay. She’s also producing a daytime comedy program for fellow NYC moms! 

Felicia says, “I have been a happily married mother of 3 (most of the time) and have struggled with what to do when my kids were all grown up and gone.  Not knowing what i wanted to do when i grow up, i tried many different professions, school and entrepreneurial ideas. 

 Finally after thinking about it for a while, i got advice from a fellow comedian/friend on how to start my career in stand up.  I took a class at the manhattan comedy school and i was hooked.   
Frustrated with the male dominated field and evening gigs, I came up with the concept for a daytime lunch show.  It enables me to perform during the day, when i am completely free, and in front of “my” audience.  The lunches have been a huge success for both the moms and the comedians.  I hope to increase awareness so that i can produce them on a bimonthly or weekly basis.   Ultimately, I would like to develop a talk show or show based on my experiences or the lunches. “

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