Shadow Knight’s Mate By Award-winning Author Jay Brandon Tells A Thrilling Story Of A Secret Society That Affects The Decisions Of World Politics Until Someone Breaks Into Their Inner Circle

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Shadow Knight’s Mate By Award-winning Author Jay Brandon Tells A Thrilling Story Of A Secret Society That Affects The Decisions Of World Politics Until Someone Breaks Into Their Inner Circle

“Brandon does for politics what Dan Brown did for religion.”
–Sharyn McCrumb

“Shadow Knight’s Mate takes a story about world-threatening acts of terror and makes it both fun and sexy.  I have enjoyed Jay Brandon’s writing for a long time, and Shadow Knight’s Mate perfectly demonstrates why.”
–Harlan Coben

San Antonio, TX, December 10, 2014 – In a gripping story, prolific author Jay Brandon pens a suspenseful tale about a group of individuals who work in the shadows of world politics affecting change. An irresistible mix of vivid and intriguing characters, Shadow Knight’s Mate tells the story of how these individuals have stealthily shaped America’s foreign and domestic politics for over two centuries. Led by the dashing main character Jack Driscoll, who to the outside world is a top game designer, Jack is the voice of the story and the only person in the inner circle who can solve the mystery of who is at the bottom of a recent attack on U.S. soil.

Recruited as a young student in an elite school, Jack knew as a young adult his fateful mission to keep America safe. While he was one of the lucky ones, not all the students that he studied with were indoctrinated into the program. Jack continues on his successful career path as a leading gamer until he is called into conference with the leaders of the “Circle” to find out what country or who is responsible for a bizarre attack in several cities throughout the U.S.  When Jack arrives at the office of the Circle members, he discovers that Jack doppelgangers have been seen throughout the world.  Curious about who is behind these tactics, Jack and another Circle member, Arden, set off to Europe to investigate. Little do they know that this is just a decoy to take Jack out of the hunt to find the source of the attacks in the U.S.

As Jack and Arden travel the globe they discover that a bigger plot is at hand and must tackle the doppelgangers that are set in their path to keep them off the track.  Jack begins to question who is doing this to him and why.  When he starts to put the pieces together, he discovers that there are those working for and against the Circle.  Is the Circle broken?  Not sure who to trust, Jack tries to set out on his own only to get rescued by Arden.  How does she know that he needs her help?  Is she someone he can trust or is she part of the bigger plot to destroy him and bring down the Circle?

Brandon interweaves these two side by side plots into a seamless political thriller on the level of James Bond, Mission Impossible and Nero Wolfe. Set throughout the globe, the story takes the reader on an exciting journey of intrigue, mystery, conspiracy, money, and politics. It reflects on our country’s “Real History.”

About the Author:

Jay Brandon is a successful attorney and prolific, award-winning mystery novelist.  He holds a Masters Degree in writing from John Hopkins University and a law degree from the University of Texas.  Brandon is the author of 16 titles that can all be found on Amazon.  His extensive experience as an attorney, with the District Attorney’s office in Bexar County and with the Fourth Court of Appeals, has provided him with plenty of insight into the workings of the legal system and how what is “accepted history” is often a long way from the “real history.”  A native of Texas, Brandon currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Shadow Knight’s Mate
Author: Jay Brandon
Wings Press,
ISBN: 978-1-60940-391-1
Trade, pp 320, 6 x 9 inches,  $16.95
Ebook and Kindle version are also available.
Distributed by Independent Publishers Group


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