Scarlett Rabe’s “Battle Cry” Video Wins Fight for Rotation on mtvU

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With Fans On Her Side, Scarlett Rabe’s “Battle Cry” Video Wins Fight for Rotation on mtvU  
According to, fans helped “Battle Cry” to an “impressive victory” on last week’s round of The Freshmen
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 “We predict Grammys for this woman.” (Asha Dahya, Girl Talk HQ)

(New York, NY) – May 5, 2014


The MuseBox today announced that Scarlett Rabe’s “Battle Cry” was overwhelmingly selected by fans as their favorite video during last week’s round of mtvU’s The Freshmen, putting the video into regular rotation on mtvU, MTV’s award-winning college channel. Scarlett, the songwriter known for her “haunting riffs and empowering words” (Marie Claire), will receive maximum exposure this week, as mtvU reaches nearly 9 million U.S. college students. It is the largest, most comprehensive television network just for college students. Scarlett, forbidden as a child from participating in popular culture, but now with well over one million Facebook fans, has earned comparisons to Florence and the Machine and Feist. “Battle Cry” is the first single off Scarlett’s new record, Scarlett, which is available in her online store.

“Battle Cry” is an anthem that features lyrics of female empowerment and endurance. When asked by American Songwriter which of her songs she is most proud of, “Battle Cry” immediately came to mind: “The song is very emotional and powerful for me. It’s the first time I could say the things I said with that kind of conviction.” “Battle Cry” has already received airplay on stations such as KSPN in Aspen, CO, KBAC in Santa Fe, NM, and KCLC in St. Louis, MO. Stations in Virginia and New Jersey began playing the song last month.

Scarlett’s first exposure to pop and rock music came from secretly listening to the radio as a child. Her parents did not allow her to watch television or listen to the radio. Instead, they preached the classical arts. Scarlett recently described to American Songwriter the effects of her strict upbringing on how she interprets music: “There are a lot of social and cultural cues that we absorb through music and pop culture – some subliminally and some very consciously. Those were never there for me, which always made me feel a bit of a void. I’d say the most dramatic shaping happened as I started to experience everything at once. I ingested music voraciously and as comprehensively as I could, and I still do.” According to Scarlett, the effects of this thorough consumption of music are that “there are no lines for me, no boundaries, no context – just the songs and the music for what they are.” 
Based in Los Angeles, Scarlett claims as her songwriting heroes Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Carole King. She cites pianists like Bella Davidovich and Vladimir Horowitz as her classical influences, while more modern giants such as Elton John, Tori Amos, and Ray Charles inspire Scarlett in how they “completely own the piano, but in their own unique way.”
Scarlett is currently preparing for a tour in support of “Battle Cry:”



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