Sarasota County reminds community about what fireworks can be legally purchased for July Fourth celebrations

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June 26, 2014  


County reminds community about what fireworks 

can be legally purchased for July Fourth celebrations 


SARASOTA COUNTY – Every year people are taken to hospital emergency rooms in the United States because of injuries from fireworks. So what can be done to enjoy the Fourth of July and still stay safe?


Going to public fireworks displays is the best approach. Not only are these displays bigger and brighter the federal government bans the sale of most fireworks to the public. In the State of Florida, consumer use of fireworks as defined by Chapter 791 Florida Statutes by the public is illegal. Examples of fireworks that would be considered illegal include firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets and roman candles. “Sparklers” as approved by the Division of the State Fire Marshal’s office are legal and include snake or glow worms, trick noisemakers, party poppers, snappers and sparklers.

Sparklers are approved by the Division of State Fire Marshal’s office and are legal. 

Who can purchase fireworks in Florida? Chapter 791 Florida Statutes provides the requirements and restrictions for the sale of fireworks. A purchaser must qualify under one of the exemptions detailed in FS791. On an approved form the purchaser and seller must swear or affirm under the penalty of perjury that all information has been provided and is accurate. Purchasers who qualify can use the product for one of the following:


* Agricultural and fish hatchery (frightening birds, etc.)

* Signaling for railroads or other transportation agencies.

* Permitted fireworks display.

* Blasting for quarrying or blasting for other industrial purposes.

* Blank cartridges for show or theater.

* Signal of ceremonial purposes in athletics or sports (i.e., events).


It is imperative that safety is practiced at all times and that fireworks are only purchased for their intended use. Failure to comply with the State Statute is not only against the law, it is very dangerous. It is encouraged to leave the display of fireworks to the pros so we may all enjoy a happy and safe July Fourth.


For more information regarding Florida’s fireworks laws, contact the Sarasota County Fire Prevention Office at 861-2290 or visit the county website at


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