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Remembering Olympus: The Idea Of Other Lives And Other Worlds Challenges Our Belief Of Our Place In The Universe

Dallas, TX, June 12, 2015 – ‘There are worlds within worlds and time is not what humans understand it to be.’ This prophetic first line in the first chapter of Remembering Olympus (Koehler Books) by Royce Murcherson is music to the ears of anyone who believes we must be on this earth for a reason greater than just an ordinary life! Remembering Olympus brings readers a new understanding of our place in the universe and our true potential.

Royce Murcherson hopes her memorable and inspiring book will challenge the reader’s perception of reality. Part mystery, part magical, this engaging story coaxes readers to question what our powerful purpose might be. A riveting story of life after life, twisted destinies, and the power of love and jealousy, the plot centers around Aaron Payne, a typical urban professional running away from a disadvantaged past.

As fate takes a hand in a chance meeting with a beautiful heiress, he doesn’t care about their many differences because he’s convinced she is the key to changing his life – until startling events begin to turn his life upside down. When his path crosses with an enigmatic publisher, the two become entangled in a gripping mystery as Aaron begins to remember pieces of another existence that will pull him into a maze of shifting time and past lives. In pursuit of ‘who he is,’ Aaron soon becomes the pursued…

Prophetic in tone, Remembering Olympus offers a broader understanding of what is behind the curtains we humans do not remember (but wonder about when memories cannot be explained away), and opens our minds to the possibility that maybe we can create our own reality through the power of our mind, introducing endless possibilities for anyone who has ever wondered if this is all there is to life.

Royce Murcherson holds a Ph.D. in English and is currently a professor of English in Dallas, Texas. She has taught American and African-American literature, creative writing, composition, business writing, and visual rhetoric for seventeen years. Her interests include the literary genre of magical realism, Eastern philosophy, and Jungian psychology.  Royce has also spent several years in the business world and recently published an instructional book, The Guide to Persuasive Business Writing: A New Model that Gets Results, and is a guest writer on business writing and workplace etiquette for BOSS, a business and office systems support resource at Richland College.

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Remembering Olympus
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ISBN-13: 978-1940192994

Diane Donovan, Editor, California Bookwatch: “Remembering Olympus is hard to neatly categorize: part magical adventure, part mystery, and part timeslip saga about other lives and other worlds, this straddles the line between several genres – and does so with good balance and finesse… A healthy dose of new age thinking and an affinity for sagas…invite self-examination and inspection of belief systems…”

Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural: “[Book] caught this reviewer’s attention since the conflicts over material and immaterial identity seemed so familiar… As human life expectancy increases worldwide, identity conflicts just such as these depicted in [book] are likely to affect humanity more than ever as we cycle through more and more phases of development… We would indeed do well to remember this while reading [author’s] conceptually challenging book and trying to absorb its lessons in the modern age.”

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