Rootology, an all-natural herbal supplement for instant nasal and sinus relief seeks “sneeze-person” for ad, #Breathefree #Rootology

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Allergy Season is Here…
and This Guest Wants to See Your Best “Sneezin’ Selfie”
Sneezin Selfie
Pollen relief supplement maker searches for company sneeze person

Is allergy season making your eyes water like golf course sprinklers and your nose run like Niagara Falls?

When you sneeze, does your face contort into something resembling a badly- carved Halloween pumpkin?

If so, you may be in luck!

The makers of Rootology, an all-natural herbal supplement for instant nasal and sinus relief, are looking for a company “sneeze-person” (think spokesperson having a pollen attack) to help them announce the availability of their new product.

“We’re looking for an individual suffering with big-time reactions to pollen or other irritants, such as animal dander, dust, and mold, to take part in a series of before and after photos and videos to demonstrate the power of Rootology,” says company founder Simar Singh.

Simar says he is on the lookout for “over-the-top sneezers”, but those having quiet, funny, or distinctive sneezes or highly annoying coughs will also be considered. Congestion and stuffy noses are a big plus.

Simar says the lucky individual selected to be Rootology’s Company Sneeze-person will receive a small cash prize as promotional consideration; and enjoy 12 months of free-breathing with the gift of a one-year supply of Rootology.

“As far as the search itself, there won’t be any losers,” says Simar. “Anyone who takes the time to send me a selfie is going to get a free bottle of Rootology to help them through the spring and summer allergy season ahead.”

“Just take a photo or video of yourself sneezing or wheezing or blowing your nose or otherwise being miserable and tweet it with your name and address to #Breathefree #Rootology,” says Simar. “While supplies last, we’ll ship out a free sample to all applicants the same day, and we’ll notify the winner of our company’s Sneeze-Person search in mid-June.”

Simar Singh is the Founder and CEO of Rootology. Introduced to ancient Chinese herbal formulations by his father, was been benefitting for years before realizing that all Americans should also benefit. He founded Rootology to ensure just that.

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