Rig 1 To Release Tasting The Mothership On November 18

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Rig 1 To Release Tasting The Mothership On November 18


Rig 1 is set to release Tasting The Mothership on November 18. Tasting the Mothership is Rig 1’s third official release, out November 18th on all major streaming services and through his website. Today, Impose Magazine has premiered “Activate” from the upcoming release. About the track Impose says, “Commanding. That’s the first word that comes to mind when we hear the beginning of the track, and that feeling holds throughout the track. It’s beautiful, with the words spoken in a way that makes it feel like we are at a poetry reading. The way he weaves the words between the instrumentals is an art form in itself, and it creates an ambience that brings those existential questions we’ve been struggling with to the forefront.”

In a smokey, East Village apartment on 13th Street, the origins of Tasting The Mothership unfolded through ideas, perspective shifts, personal experiences – and these recordings. It’s a documented artifact of a journey to, of, and through questions, conversations and reflection. It was learning and discovering with every sense continued. The transmission of inner-alchemy featuring to other and outward. Butterfly, cocoon, caterpillar – the ever changing. And the inconclusion of this exploration: oneness. “We don’t believe in walls.” – Rig 1.

Rig 1 is Ian McElroy, an emcee born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He has been writing & recording music since childhood, as a member Desaparecidos (ft. Conor Oberst) and Rig 1. Contributors on Tasting The Mothership include Kirby James Fairchild (Granddaddy, Modest Mouse), Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Now It’s Overhead), Nik Frietas (Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band), Dustin Bushon, Orenda Fink (Azure Ray), Corina Figueroa (Delores Diaz and the Standby Club, ARC Studios), Dustin Bushon (FXTHR^), Paolo Stagnaro and Nate Kernel.

Tasting The Mothership Track List 

1. It’s Happening





4. Show Glows

5. Mother


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