Review of “VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTOPHE” in Theaters Nationwide

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By: CarolAnn Popovich

June 3, 2016

– VAXXED is an attention-grabbing documentary that will tug at your every heartstrings and leave you with feelings of outrage over an alleged malfeasance cover-up by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.

– VAXXED is a documentary all should see.  It not only serves to educated the public on an alleged detrimental to the well-being of youth CDC cover-up, but it also serves as an example of how political posturing and collusion can deny the public their right to necessary truths and knowledge that is needed in order to make informed decisions about well being.

– VAXXED is a documentary that clearly identifies how health agencies are derelict in their duty to protect our children’s health and that their unethical behaviors and activities have resulted in broken and damaged lives of previously healthy children.

– VAXXED is not a documentary advocating for anti-vaccine but rather a documentary that advocates for the single-dose measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines as opposed to the triple dose MMR vaccine.

Andrew Wakefield, a former gastroenterologist, directed this documentary that linked the triple-dose measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination to autism.  During the documentary, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, were identified as allegedly hiding vital data pertaining to MMR vaccinations and possible links to autism.  In addition, the news media was rebuked for allegedly promoting misguided advocacy research being conducted and carried out by pressure groups, lobby groups, interest groups and the pharmaceutical industry with the intention of evidencing arguments that were supporting hidden, misguided and malfeasance agendas.  Furthermore, big pharma was also accused of creating a “cradle to grave” vaccination culture.

The documentary is based off the concerns and revelations of whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the CDC who revealed over a series of taped phone conversations that he and other CDC officials had published fraudulent research in the journal Pediatrics in 2004 in what was an intentional and blatant attempt to exonerate the MMR vaccine.  In addition, he discussed how he and his CDC colleagues had conducted unethical MMR vaccine studies relating to autism by violating MMR vaccine study protocols, concealing findings and manipulating data results that resulted in a massive fraud, deceit and obstruction of justice.

Though Thompson voice was heard off-screen in several phone calls, Thompson himself was never actually seem in the in the documentary thus leaving the audience to wonder a bit about the documentary’s authenticity, credibility and validity.  However, the film provided and interweaves ample captivating footage of children healthy one moment and clearly not healthy the next. In addition, potent and emotional parent testimonies were given that described the drastic health and disturbing behavior changes occurring in their children after MMR vaccinations.  Lastly, expert testimony was also given throughout to film to help the viewer to further know, understand and become familiar with the facts.



VAXXED” – the most controversial film in America – opens in Sarasota this Friday, June 3rd at the Regal Hollywood Stadium 20. The film documents a cover-up by the CDC of its flawed safety study of the ubiquitous MMR vaccine, as told by a whistle-blower inside the organization.

Buzz about the film reverberated this past weekend at the Cannes Film Festival when Robert De Niro took to the red carpet to defend the film and condemn the mass media’s attempt to censor it:

“The movie is not hurting anybody. It says something. It said something to me that was valid. Maybe some things were inaccurate, but if the movie was 20 percent accurate, it was worth seeing. And they were saying it’s because of the filmmaker and he was discredited, but how was he discredited?  By the medical establishment? There’s a lot going on that I still don’t understand, but it makes me question the whole thing, and the whole vaccine issue is a real one. It’s big money,” said De Niro.

De Niro’s comments at Cannes echoed earlier comments that he made on NBC “Today Show” last month in which he disavowed the banning of the film from Tribeca Film Festival. “I wanted the film to be in the festival,” said the Oscar winning actor and co-founder of the festival.  Referring to the film’s contention that the CDC concealed and destroyed data on a 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, De Niro said, “There is something going on with the CDC, the pharmaceutical industry… There is something that is not quite kosher in all of this.”

Also last month, director Andrew Wakefield and producer Polly Tommey appeared last month on Fox and Friends, during which they underscored how, contrary to some reports, the film is not anti-vaccine. Rather, the film reveals previously unreleased CDC data showing a statistical association between the introduction of MMR and the phenomenal spike in the number of autism cases in the U.S. Twenty years ago, 1 in 10,000 children were autistic and today the shocking figure is 1 in 68 children.




LOS ANGELES, CA (May 24, 2016) — Following its June 1st premiere at the Angelika Film  Center in New York City, where it grossed over $41,000 in its first week on one screen, the feature-length documentary film “Vaxxed” has continued to expand its release with screenings held or scheduled in cities across America including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Seattle, Sacramento, Denver, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Jose, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Tulsa.


The film opens in Sarasota this Friday, June 3rd at the Regal Hollywood Stadium 20, 1993 Main Street Sarasota, FL 34236.


“Vaxxed” investigates how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens, concealed and destroyed data on their 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine and autism. The information was revealed by a Senior Scientist at the CDC, William Thompson, who shared the information to Dr. Brian Hooker. This alarming deception has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism, potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.


The film was an Official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival with a world premiere slated for April 24th. After the film was announced by the festival on March 21st, there was an unprecedented backlash by mainstream media that labelled the film “anti-vaccine” even though they had not even seen it. After Robert De Niro posted a public statement supporting the film on Facebook on March 25th, the coordinated backlash was so strong that the festival called executives at Cinema Libre Studio (the film’s distribution company) on Saturday, March 26th, revealing that the festival’s “sponsors’ interests” were a factor in their decision to pull the film, without giving the filmmakers a chance to defend their film against the “anti-vaccine” mislabeling.


Philippe Diaz, Chairman of Cinema Libre Studio, says, “We chose to distribute this film because of the CDC cover-up which could be contributing to a major health crisis. The media storm over the last few weeks shows how the hyper mediatization of all issues works, with the mainstream media regurgitating false information about its director, Dr. Wakefield, for claims which have been rebuked for years. The movie is NOT anti-vaccine and neither is Dr. Wakefield. He advocates for giving the MMR vaccine at 3 years of age or to have it split into three different shots. Tribeca’s censorship of the film has allowed a precedent that shows how film festivals are no longer a space for free speech, but a place run by sponsors and corporate interests. If festivals can act as censors for corporate interests, it’s a slap in the face to the First Amendment.”


Following the Tribeca ouster, the WorldFest-Houston Film Festival was also forced to drop the film which had been programmed for April 17th after the Mayor threatened to pull the festival’s funding, citing the Tribeca decision. (Story here: )  The Village Voice newspaper also cancelled ads and sent out an inaccurate and misleading email retraction following a paid email blast.  In recent weeks, other examples of censorship have included:


Huffington Post blocked frequent contributor Lance Simmens after he posted about Vaxxed, re-instating him a few days later after protest;

The entertainment trade magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, posted a completely biased and unprecedented “review” of the film by Dr. Paul Offit. The magazine did not reveal Dr. Offit’s financial relationship with Merck, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine, nor did they allow a rebuttal to be posted by the film’s director;

Head of Distribution Richard Castro says, “There have been movies released theatrically in this country that have been far more controversial, but this film is the target of a whole new level of organized suppression.”


After playing for three weeks at the Angelika Film Center NYC, the film has continued to successfully roll out with strong box office numbers in Los Angeles (at several Laemmle theatres), San Diego (Angelika Carmel Mountain), Tempe, AZ (Harkins Valley Art), The Regency South Coast Village (Santa Ana), Emagine Novi 18 (Detroit), Landmark Opera Plaza San Francisco, and Landmark California Theatre (Berkeley).  Future playdates include: May 13 at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta and Landmark Tivolu Theatre (St. Louis); May 20th in Philadelphia (Landmark Ritz 5) and Washington D.C. (Angelika Pop-UP at Union Market), and on May 27 in Minneapolis, MN (Landmark Uptown Theatre) with more theatres to follow. 


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