Review of the Vijay Iyer Trio (Vijay Iyer, Marcus Gilmore, Stephan Crump) jazz ensemble, part of the Ringling International Arts Festival

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October 16 at 5 pm
By: Olga Torres
So yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the performance of 5:00pm at the Mildred Sainer Pavillion in which the Vijay Iyer Trio performed. It appears that the performance started on time, because I arrived no more than 10 minutes past 5:00pm and the doors had closed, leaving about 20+ people waiting for the piece to finish before we were able to enter, take our seats and enjoy the remainder of the performance.
The venue was small, but intimate and the seating appeared to be pretty full, with about 4-5 seats open, from where I was sitting. My guess is that an estimated 100 seats are at this particular venue. The crowd was a mature and seriously into the jazz being performed. I myself could have very well stayed longer, and I especially loved the piece “Human Nature” which was done by Michael Jackson, very, very well done.
Mr. Iyer appeared to be in total control,with his smooth fingers playing the piano, together with his drummer and bass player, excellent performance at all levels.
He was most appreciative of the people that came out to participate in the performance and added that there would be signing of CD’s and passed information on his other performances during the RIAF.
I must say that I was totally taken by the performance, I love jazz of all sorts, but had never seen him perform. I would now look out for any other performances in town or during my travel, to make sure I can see them again. Congrats, it was superb.
“Hailed as one of the most celebrated ensembles in jazz, Vijay Iyer and colleagues Marcus Gilmore (drums) and Stephan Crump (bass) create a powerful, cutting-edge new music that is firmly grounded in groove and pulse, but also rhythmically intricate and highly interactive. Presented in partnership with New College of Florida.”
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