Review of “Lake Los Angeles” at the Sarasota Film Festival #SFF2015

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Review by: Marijke

Lake Los Angeles was a movie about a middle aged Cuban and a 10 year old Mexican girl—who meet at the beginning of the movie and then again right at the very end. What the purpose of the movie was, is as yet to be determined, as the man appeared to be involved in some part of the chain to smuggle illegal Mexicans across the Mexican border, and the girl was in one of those shipments. The remainder of the movie showed two separate lives. The man pining about his wife and two kids back in Cuba and the girl fending for herself in an old desert house talking to a mythical “old man” in her snow globe. There audience was given suspense, however, as the audience seemed to be kept waiting over and over again to see if something dramatic or worth while watching was going to occur. Nothing dramatic really occurred, which really made the move a little long winded. Furthermore, a few times the close ups chopped off the top of the heads of the characters, which left a lot to be said for the photography.

All in all, this move gets 3 out of 5.



Lake Los Angeles
Feature | 85 Min
Two undocumented immigrants (a middle-aged Cuban man and a ten-year-old Mexican girl) develop a bond over being away from home and their families in the hopeless back-drop of Lake Los Angeles.  The ethereal, light-saturated cinematography, mystically amplified sound design, and hypnotic music capture the desolate atmosphere with a mix of magical realism and earthly reality. After premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival, this film went on to win the Grand Jury Prize at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City.
Film Info
Genre: Narrative
English Title: Lake Los Angeles
Category: Narrative Feature
Independent Visions
Release Year: 2014
Runtime: 85 minutes
Type of Film: Narrative Feature
Independent Visions Competition
Production Country: USA
Original Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast: Roberto Sanchez
Johanna Trujillo
Eloy Mendez
Director: Mike Ott
Executive Producer: Dawn Densmore
Athina Rachel Tsangari
Produced By: Atsuko Okatsuka
Trinity Shi
Frederick Thornton
Drea Clark
Alex Gioulakis
Screenwriter: Atsuko Okatsuka
Mike Ott
Cinematography: Mike Gioulakis
Editing By: Santos S. Santos
Production Design by: Minjung Kim
Music By: María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir
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