Review of Indie pop rock foursome “Homemade Crazy” debut album “Synergy”

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Review of Indie pop rock foursome “Homemade Crazy” debut album “Synergy”

By: Tom Partington

June 23, 2014


Homemade Crazy is like your favorite local band. You root for them, you want them to succeed. “Synergy”, the debut album from the band, is like one of those cassette mix-tapes that your high-school friend gave you. You treasure it and it stays in your head, even though you are not exactly sure why.


In the age of computer-perfection, it’s welcoming to hear a melding of analog-style synthesizers and instruments played by human beings, warts and all.  Even thought there is an unfortunate use of Autotune on Cumulo Nimbus, it’s used purely as an effect- the rest of the band continues to sound exceedingly human.


Although the musicianship is raw at times, there was obviously a lot of care put into the production and the technical limitations actually contribute to their unique sound.  There’s quite a contrast between the innocent plaintive voice of Breezy Ortega, and the sarcastic sneer of Koby Blake.  An equal contrast can be said of the juxtaposition of distorted rock guitar with 1970’s Rhodes keyboard sounds.(“Time Bomb”)


The mood mostly stays in a detached, slightly nostalgic mood (Only a Memory, Older Now)  veering from a basic rock band to hint at various styles – a funky groove on Spill.Rev, a 12/8 feel on Man Up, even a moment of rap on Light as a Feather.


Homemade Crazy has a natural ability to create catchy hooks drawn from a wide palette.  It will be interesting to see how they meld them into an even stronger Synergy  in the future.


Their approach to music, especially their live show, is to translate their love and joy of music combined with sharing their own individual stories through their songs. For more information, please visit:


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Homemade Crazy
Set To Release Debut Album
On August 19th


McCook, NE – Indie pop rock foursome, Homemade Crazy has officially announced the release of their debut album Synergy, set to drop on August 19th! With a sound reminiscent of The Front Bottoms, Homemade Crazy mixes indie, punk, pop, and blues elements – with a twist of synthesis. The band’s approach to music, especially their live show, is to translate their love and joy of music combined with sharing their own individual stories through their songs. For more information, please visit:


Homemade Crazy is Breezy Ortega (keyboard synthesis, vocals), Max Kugler (percussion), Aaron Paiz (bass), and Koby Blake (vocals, guitar). Formed in 2012 in southwest Nebraska, the band emerged from the cluttered Midwest music scene with their own unique soundscapes. Homemade Crazy’s vocal duo of Ortega and Blake will capture your attention with emotionally charged lyrics and melodies that will stick with you for days at a time. The rhythm section, featuring Paiz and Kugler, will keep your feet tapping all night with their syncopation mastery.


Homemade Crazy’s debut album begins with the first single, “Only a Memory.” With soaring vocals, the track is “an introduction not only to the album but to my life,” explains Blake. “Only a Memory” leads smoothly into the album’s second single “Coldest Hell,” showcasing the complimentary voices of Ortega and Blake. Building momentum over the course of Synergy’s dynamic array of seamless tracks, Homemade Crazy hits their third single”Cumulo Nimbus,” which digs deep and sets the golden standard of the album.


Excited for the release of Synergy, Paiz explains, “We had a lot of fun recording this album. We learned so much through the process and feel that the experience has really helped us come together as a family and team. We are excited to see what people think of our music and were finally ready to release into the world.”


Synergy is set to release on August 19th, 2014.For updates, please visit:




Check out more on Homemade Crazy, here:



Track Listing:
01. Only a Memory
02. Coldest Hell
03. Older Now
04. Light as a Feather
05. You’re Just a Bunch of Mass Media
06. Time Bomb
07. [Un]Lucky One
08. Man Up
09. Cumulo Nimbus
10. Spill
11. Another Song



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