Review of “Don’t Worry Baby” A Film by Julian Branciforte; Starring: John Magaro, Christopher McDonald, Dreama Walker, Tom Lipinski; World Premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival #SFF2015

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Review by: Marijke
Don’t Worry Baby is a complicated story told in a very civilized manner, between a middle aged father in his late 50’s (or so it appears) and his son, both of whom have bedded the same twenty something woman with the outcome of a child.  However unlikely the statistics are of this happening in real life, the dialogue between the two lead men is very real and to the point upon them finding out this fact.  As the story unfolds during the week long time frame where they are waiting for the outcome of the paternity test to determine who really is the father of this 4 year old girl child, the father clearly shows his immature nature and less than stellar behavior of having had many extra marital affairs with younger women.  The reviewer senses that he, the father, just doesn’t get it when it comes to loyalty in a marriage—as is shown by the number of times that he does not wear his wedding ring or goes on a very childish adventure right at the end of the movie.  Yet, his wife, with great poise and dignity just slouffs it off and even befriends the ex-lover with whom he had this girl child with.  How many women would have been able to calming deal with that type of situation ? Very civilized.
There are a number of laughs in the movie, to lighten the mood, as the 20 something tries to re win over the ex one night stand, fathers ex-lover, by being in the little girls life more and in a better way than his father. The ex lover certainly seems to being enjoying all of the attention from both men as well as another bothersome character who happens to be the son’s room mate.
All in all, the movie was very entertaining and certainly shed a light on a very delicate subject.  The fact that this team of director and producers and others on the crew had worked together many times in the past, but that this was the first feature film for this crew, showed in the great photography and easy flow from scene to scene.  Certainly to be commended is the fact that the movie, very shortly after entering the first few scenes gets down to business and let’s the audience know what this film is all about.  Several of the films that this reviewer has seen at the Sarasota Film Festival have done the opposite, where the audience is left wondering, for the entire film, what in heck the film was all about.  This movie got to the point, which is far more satisfactory for the audience to know what the nature of the film is about from the get go.
This movie gets 5 out of 5.


Don’t Worry Baby
Feature | 88 Min
Film Info
Genre: Narrative
English Title: Don’t Worry Baby
Category: Narrative Feature
Release Year: 2015
Runtime: 88 minutes
Type of Film: Narrative Feature
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Production Country: USA
Original Language: English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast: John Magaro
Christopher McDonald
Dreama Walker
Tom Lipinski
Talia Balsam
Director: Julian Branciforte
Executive Producer: Jamie Krasnoff
Produced By: Nick Shore
Thomas Kaier
Brendan McHugh
Sam Harper
Jean Raphael Ambron
Screenwriter: Julian Branciforte
Cinematography: Daniel Katz
Editing By: Matthew C. Hart
Music By: Charlie Klarsfeld





A Film by Julian Branciforte


John Magaro, Christopher McDonald, Dreama Walker, Tom Lipinski

** World Debut at Sarasota Film Festival 2015 **


In this refreshingly written and acted indie comedy, a father and son unknowingly sleep with the same woman and four years later compete over the paternity of a daughter either of them could be the father of. The son, Robert, is a somewhat unmotivated millennial who’s photography aspirations have hit a dead-end. While the prospect of fatherhood sets Robert on a course towards getting his life in order, his overbearing father, Harry, is quick to point out the many reason Robert is far from ready for the responsibility. Harry, however, has a lot to learn about fatherhood himself and uses the experience to pull his family together and have them forgive him for his previous transgressions both as a husband and a parent. The situation becomes even more complicated when the father and son compete for the affections of Sara-Beth, their daughter’s mother.

What sounds like the plot twist in a juicy soap opera, is a topic that is explored by first time writer/director Julian Branciforte with insightful humor and sensitivity. John Magaro (Liberal Arts, Not Fade Away) and Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore, Requiem for a Dream) portray the competing father and son with depth and honesty. Dreama Walker (Compliance, “Don’t Trust the B —- in Apartment 23”) plays the unassuming two-timing girlfriend. DON’T WORRY BABY was set and shot entirely in New York City.



Thursday, April 16th at 6:45PM @ Herald-Tribune Theatre 9

Saturday, April 18th at 6:45PM @ Theatre 8

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