Review of Cheryl Forberg’s “A Small Guide to Losing Big”; Forberg is a Nutritionist from NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’

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By: Andrea Nierenberg

You will never have to look for a diet book again!

This handy pocket guide will be your go-to book for weight loss. It is so small that you could have a book in every room for fast and substantial reference.

In A Small Guide to Losing Big,  the author, Cheryl Forberg, RD  makes it easy – weight loss basics, nutrition tips, menus and recipes in a no nonsense pocket guide.

And this lady has a lot of talent. She was the nutritional consultant to the popular show the Biggest Loser for 15 seasons. During those seasons, she has uncovered stunning facts about typical eating and lifestyle habits that cause millions of Americans to gain thousands of pounds each year. She also knows how to interpret that information to promote weight loss. After seeing the success of so many people on The Biggest Loser, Cheryl now shares all of her secrets and insights into this handy small, yet big book.

From the words of one of the contestants on the show, take it right from the mouth of one who benefited from  Cheryl’s wisdom:

“As a contestant on season 14 of the Biggest Loser, I think I am quite qualified to speak on not only the food and recipes that Cheryl comes up with, but the kind of person that she is. I have spent a lot of time with Cheryl, whether it be on set of the show, hiking in the mountains, or chatting for hours on the phone when I was eliminated. I can’t begin to describe the effort she puts in to people. She goes above and beyond for others, and the same is true for her work. She takes special care to make sure that what you’re cooking and putting in your body is good for you, and promotes a healthy lifestyle because she honestly cares. I think it’s important that you know, that without her guidance I would not have the nutritional “know-how” that I do today and I could not be as successful as I am today. I feel it’s more important that you know the how good of a person she is and that the book that you’re about to buy is authored by someone who may not know you, but cares for your health and wants you to eat what’s good for you without sacrificing flavor. I can personally vouch for this, and all of her works because I use them. I used them when I was on the show, and I use them today in my continued success.”

With a testimonial like this — run – don’t walk to buy this book and learn from one of America’s top experts!


Cheryl Forberg RD
Chef and Nutritionist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser

New book!  A Small Guide to Losing Big!  (January 2015)
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Nutritionist from NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ Releases “A Small Guide to Losing Big” – A Pocketbook that Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels’ Calls “a Must-Have!”


Crafted from her 10+ years’ experience coaching hundreds of contestants on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’, Cheryl Forberg (NYT best-selling author, James Beard Award-winning Chef and Nutritionist) is now baring her weight loss secrets in a globally-acclaimed pocketbook. ‘A Small Guide To Losing Big’ puts the power of the nation’s most renowned weight management expert into anyone’s hands – including fitness tips, craving-quashing strategies and two weeks of deliciously simple recipes. Even Jillian Michaels has hailed the volume “…a must-have book for anyone looking to lose 10 pounds — or 100”… and that’s saying something!


Napa, California Even though they may not know it, tens of millions of people have spent over a decade following the nutrition and weight loss advice of Cheryl Forberg, R.D., in her unique behind-the-scenes role as nutritionist on NBC’s smash-hit show, ‘The Biggest Loser’. It’s been a challenging and thrilling journey for Forberg, exposing shocking truths about the nation’s eating habits and fostering the show’s fat-shedding strategies.

For the first time, Forberg is thrusting herself under the limelight with a life-changing new book that puts her advice, experience and wisdom into anyone’s hands. ‘A Small Guide to Losing Big’ allows readers to replicate the show’s success in their own life.


After 15 seasons as nutritionist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Cheryl Forberg has uncovered stunning facts about typical eating and lifestyle habits that cause millions of Americans to gain thousands of pounds each year. She also knows how to interpret that information to promote weight loss.  We’ve all seen the success of the hundreds of people Cheryl has helped “behind the scenes” at The Biggest Loser – and now the secrets and insights of one of the country’s top weight loss experts can be yours.  


Cheryl knows that effective weight management is much more than just eating less.   It means better food choices, better timing, better exercise and better balance. This handy pocket guide will be your go-to book for weight loss. Keep one in your car, stash one in your handbag and leave one on your kitchen counter.    In A Small Guide to Losing Big, Cheryl gives it up – weight loss basics, nutrition tips, menus and recipes in an easy-to-use pocket guide.

“My job on the show is to prove to contestants that, contrary to what their bad habits dictate, it is possible to lose and manage weight by eating foods that are as delicious as they are healthy,” explains Forberg, winner of the prestigious James Beard Award. “It’s about altering habits, replacing processed foods with fresh ingredients and not sacrificing a shred of flavor. But, I admit that we all need a little guidance, hence the creation of this book.”

Continuing, “It’s a definitive guide that comprises fitness tips, lifestyle suggestions and a full two weeks of recipes that taste better than any (yes, any!) junk food that sits on the grocery store shelves. Most importantly, it’s small enough to be available anytime and anywhere, when empowerment is needed the most.”

And empowering it is, as critics have confirmed through a flood of five-star reviews. Industry legend, Jillian Michaels, comments, “The Biggest Loser’s chef and nutrition expert has created a no-nonsense handbook that outlines a simple plan in an easy-to-read, entertaining style. I watched Cheryl coach BL contestants for 10 years, and her sensible approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss really works! This is a must-have book for anyone looking to lose 10 pounds — or 100.”

Montina Cooper adds, “This book is a must have for anyone battling obesity, this book is your weapon! Dr. Cheryl is the best in her field hands down, had it not been for her guidance I never would have been able to be as successful as I was at home in season 10 of The Biggest Loser. She is a brilliant light that shines on every page of this book! If you want to be successful you must get this book.”

‘A Small Guide To Losing Big’ is available now:

For more information, visit the author’s official website:



About the Author:

One of the nation’s leading advisors on health and nutrition, Cheryl is a James Beard award-winning chef and one of the few professional chefs in the country who is also a registered dietitian. She strongly believes you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat well and that eating well can change your life. She is the chef and nutritionist for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”, and has written multiple bestselling cookbooks, including “Flavor First: Cut Calories and Boost Flavor” (Rodale).


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