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Los Angeles, CA – December 5, 2014 – Los Angeles’ Repeater have premiered a new music video for their single “Lonely.” The clip, inspired by New Order’s “The Perfect Kiss” video, is now available to view on Yahoo! Music and the band’s Youtube channel.
“‘Lonely’ is a very literal tribute to the Jonathan Demme video for ‘The Perfect Kiss’ by New Order,” vocalist Steve Krolikowski explained. “Among the props you can see an original poster for that video release, which is itself a work of art by Barbara Kruger. That video shows that although New Order were rising on the charts with club hits, they still kept the art-house aesthetic of bands like The Smiths, R.E.M., and The Cure. Like New Order in the Eighties, Repeater has made a transition from dark, angular music to a more immediate and accessible pop sound. Performance videos can be very ‘cookie cutter’, and we felt that a tribute like this would keep an artistic tone while still letting us show our faces and have some fun on camera. It’s a good video on its own, and fans of the original will really enjoy the recreation of shots and sets. It was filmed at All Welcome Records in Inglewood, CA and the photography was directed by Dylan Gordon.”

Repeater is an evolving band and project formed in 2005 by main writer Steve Krolikowski. From the remains of darkwave band The Main Frame, Repeater began in Long Beach as a foray into the sweeter indie and post-punk sounds of The Cure, Chameleons, Mew, and even Bowie, with an ear for current sounds above and below the fold. Through the course of several lineup changes, 3 EPs and 3 albums, they have created sounds evocative of Brit-rock, Gothic, post-hardcore, and most lately, layered pop music with an emphasis on craft.

The product of renewal and perseverance after a band breakup and many months in the studio with Christopher Fudurich, Repeater (self titled) is a collection of pop-oriented songs with an emphasis on rhythm, synth, and the dual vocals of Steve Krolikowski and Tess Shapiro.


“Repeater’s last full-length release was heavy darkness with a pinhole of light,” vocalist Steve Krolikowski explained. “Now the shutters are wide open.”



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Repeater - Lonely
Repeater – Lonely


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