Red Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid: How Partisan Politics and Greed Undermined the Value of ObamaCare By Leonard A. Zwelling, MD, MBA

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Red Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid: What Really Happened To The Promise Of Obamacare

Houston, TX, May 4, 2016 – For better or worse, the Affordable Care Act will be an important piece of Barack Obama’s legacy. Leonard Zwelling, MD, sheds light on little-known details of perhaps one of the most controversial legislative efforts during Obama’s term in office in Red Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid:  How Partisan Politics and Greed Undermined ObamaCare (Franklin Scribes Publishers).

Red Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid is the dizzying memoir of Dr. Zwelling’s experience on Capitol Hill as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation health policy fellow, struggling to bring some medicine and science to a highly politicized environment of big money and bigger politics. In the process, the details of the city of Washington, DC and its Byzantine operation are revealed. The forces influencing legislation are never discussed on the TV news shows and rarely in the press at all, he points out.

Leonard Zwelling, MD, MBA, is board-certified in internal medicine and medical oncology. He has cared for patients and done laboratory research for most of his 40+ year medical career. He was also a medical administrator, overseeing the largest infrastructure for cancer research in the world for more than ten years as the Vice President for Research Administration at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Additionally, he was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation health policy fellow serving on the minority staff of the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Dr. Zwelling is currently an author, speaker, teacher and consultant.

Red Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid: How Partisan Politics and Greed Undermined the Value of ObamaCare
By Leonard A. Zwelling, MD, MBA
Published by Franklin Scribes
Available at
ISBN-13:  978-1941516102


Richard Andrassy, reviewer: “This is the educational experience of an exceptionally well trained and respected physician thrown into the ‘reality’ of Washington politics. As physicians, we try to go from the large differential diagnosis to the most likely cause as fast as possible. Not true in Law or Politics. I learned a lot about the games in Washington by reading this book. I think it will be eye opening to many physicians. We aren’t considered big players in Washington and we are surely not organized within our own ranks. This book is not only educational, but easy to read and keeps your attention. Whether you are Red or Blue or ‘in-between,’ you will enjoy the candid report of a physician’s year on the Hill.  Entertaining, enlightening and exasperating.”

John F. Mills, reviewer: “Finally the truth…Dr. Zwelling uncovers the theme of the forces in play that gave birth to ObamaCare…money and petit politics had more to do with the bill than did improving the state of health care in America. Furthermore, the way legislation is supposed to be passed was subverted and most of the legislators apparently never even read the bill. It’s here. It’s clear. It’s frightening.”

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