Rachel Reenstra, Host of ABC’s “The Wildlife Docs”

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There are some people who want to do it all. Few can actually achieve it. One of those special talents who can however, is actress/comedienne/television host Rachel Reenstra.

Whether it’s with animals, humans, or video game characters, Reenstra has found success in a wide variety of platforms during her career. With her absorbing personality, she currently hosts the Emmy nominated ABC TV show “The Wildlife Docs,” − now in its third season − which capitalizes on her adept comedy skills and affection for wildlife to chronicle the ongoing challenges of veterinarian care at Busch Gardens. It’s safe to say that Reenstra is a committed wildlife conservationist who can make you laugh. She infuses her brand of humor into everything she does, whether it’s hosting, keeping sharp with her stand-up career, or building a solid portfolio of television sitcom appearances including “Becker,” “Still Standing,” and “The Naked Truth.” On top of that she’s starred in dozens of infomercials and movies, voiced characters in video games, and is part of the movement to protect wildlife. Reenstra is rewriting the rulebook on what it means to be an entertainer and making it known she’s willing to put herself in any creative position.

Reenstra truly shines when she’s allowed to let her comedic voice be her guide. Using her quick-fire wit, undeniably captivating personality, and knowledge and love for animals, she got her break as the first female host of an Animal Planet Show. That show was “Ms. Adventure” and she used her childhood experiences of growing up around wildlife to thrive on not only that show, but also on “The Wildlife Docs.” As host of that show, Reenstra doesn’t solely entertain viewers. She strives to educate them as well. She doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinions on animal conservation either, even recently hosting segments of “The Insider” on Cecil the Lion informing on the dual nature of big game hunting in our culture.

She’s a lively host who helps connect viewers with the world and always approaches each subject matter with a fresh and witty viewpoint. 20/20 profiled Reenstra and was fascinated by her ability to create her own luck and put herself in situations to capitalize on her talents. It seems clear that attempting to categorize her as a single act is a fool’s errand because along with traditional acting and hosting she also enjoys honing her craft as a standup comedienne and voice-over artist. And with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Reenstra has provided life coaching support, written the acclaimed E-book, Get Lucky, and taught classes on how to be a personality-driven television host.

To put it simply, Reenstra is a maverick. A relentlessly creative spirit who can’t help but share her passions and take us with her on her adventures. She wants to connect her audience with the rest of the world, whether it’s teaching viewers about animals, making them laugh on a television show, or doing both at the same time.


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