“Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War” by Brian McCracken

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“Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances” — Proverbs 25:11 as cited by Abraham Lincoln in reference to the Declaration and Constitution.

“I was born in the South and, while growing up, I lived throughout the Nation,” says Brian McCracken, “I have a deep respect for our county and its history.” McCracken’s love for history and concern for the future of America took flight after participating in a Civil War reenactment just over two years ago with his brother, Lee, when they discussed what a new civil war would look like and what it could mean on a global scale.

A candidate for a JD-LLM dual degree in International and Comparative Law at Duke University, McCracken also has a BA in Government and Economics with a minor in Religion from Wofford College where he was a Rhodes Scholarship and Fulbright Finalist and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. As an emerging new author, McCracken appeals to young adults, history fans, and political and military buffs.

The first volume of his trilogy, Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War, is set in the year 2025. Samir Nashwari is a high school student living in Wilmington, North Carolina. Olivia “Olly” Vasquez is helping her mother raise her two younger brothers in a parched Las Vegas, Nevada. Both of their lives are overturned by dramatic political upheaval in the United States that results in a new civil war.

Five years later, Samir and Olly are both leaders of Special Operations military units. Samir fights for the Republicans as a Mako, a Navy SEAL-like amphibious commando. Olly fights for the Democrats as a Phantom, a technologically invisible sniper. Strangers, their fates are intertwined when it’s discovered that the founding documents of the Old United States have been stolen from the Democratic capital: Washington, DC. As the two heroes separately strive to unravel the mystery, they interact with their spirited teams to uncover a conspiracy involving not just America, but the entire world as they know it.

Perfect for ages 13 and older, Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War, is timely and thought provoking as it:

  • Questions the direction of the two major political parties – Republicans and Democrats
  • Stresses the importance of unity throughout the world
  • Explores America’s current political environment and its path to destruction
  • Invokes the Curse of Babel as the antagonistic force behind all of humanity’s problems
  • Tackles heavy political and humanist themes but also provides a fun read filled with action and humor

“I believe America’s greatest threat is political polarization,” explains McCracken. “We need to unite as a country to combat the global threats of climate change and the dangerous rebirth of nationalism abroad.”

Brian McCracken is a South Carolina native and graduate of Wofford College with a BA in Government and Economics and a minor in Religion. He was also a Rhodes Scholarship and Fulbright finalist. He is currently pursing a dual degree in International and Comparative Law at Duke University. Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War is his debut novel and the first in a trilogy.

Learn more about McCracken at www.brianmccracken.net and connect on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and NetGalley.


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