Pianist/Composer Robin Spielberg Brings A Healing Touch to Glenridge Performing Arts Center One Concert on Saturday, February 20, 8 pm

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Pianist/Composer Robin Spielberg Brings A Healing Touch to Glenridge Performing Arts Center

One Concert on Saturday, February 20, 8 pm


[Sarasota, FL: February 4, 2016] Robin Spielberg may be the most famous contemporary piano composer you’ve never heard of. Spielberg has sold more than 1 million copies of her 16 CDs, her music is played at people’s weddings and funerals, and many fans have told her she’s helped them navigate hard times.  she has traveled the world over as a pianist and composer, building an enviable concert career. “Robin has such a personal and expressive way of playing, and her story-telling about the origins of the music makes the pieces come alive,” writes Wind & Wire Magazine.


Robin Spielberg will be performing one show on Saturday, February 20, 8 PM at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center (7333 Scotland Way, Sarasota). Tickets, $20 each, can be purchased online at www.GPACTix.com, or by calling the GPAC Box Office at 941-552-5325.


Pianist with a Healing Touch


Robin Spielberg landed a record deal for her piano solos in the mid-nineties and her career as a concert artist soared. She never looked back. In 1996 Steinway named her to the prestigious roster of STEINWAY ARTISTS. Soon after, Spielberg began researching the field of music therapy when her daughter, now 16, was born 16 weeks early and was not expected to walk, talk, see, hear or speak. “I asked permission from the [NICU] nurses if we could play some music by my daughter’s incubator…and over a period of time that the music was playing, they noticed that my daughter’s vitals improved,” she shares. Robin’s TEDx Talk on music and healing can be found online.


As time went on, her daughter thrived and so did Spielberg’s career and interest in the transformative power of music. Currently, Spielberg is known worldwide for her sensitive compositions and “comforting piano artistry.” Although Carnegie Hall has welcomed her three times, she chooses to play wherever she can make “connections.”


“I’m happy to be supplying a soundtrack for people as they go on their life’s journey because that’s what my music really is,” she said. She also values melody and narrative. “I grew up loving Broadway theater and classical music, so I have a good classical structure backbone to the music. It’s very melodic. There are a lot of stories that accompany my pieces, and some are inspired by something in nature, like a leaf falling, a snowy day.”


“I think people leave my concerts feeling a whole lot better than when they came in,” Spielberg said. “We have a really good time.”


This is a concert for anyone who wishes to be entertained or inspired, comforted or consoled, moved or transported by the talent of world-renowned pianist Robin Spielberg, an artist adept at healing with her hands.




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