Pastor, teacher, and author Olaolu Oladosu: “Prosper” Biblical Proof That We Are Meant To Live In Abundance

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Prosper: Biblical Proof That We Are Meant To Live In Abundance

Houston, TX, November 14, 2014 – Just a casual glance at the nightly news seems to present a fact: there’s not enough of everything to go around. Not enough medicine, food, money, time, happiness. In his new book Prosper, Olaolu Oladosu offers Biblical proof that God intends believers to live in abundance.

“All through the Bible God has shown that He desired prosperity for those that love Him,” Oladosu says. “In the Old Testament, His love for Israel was evident as they became the envy of other nations based on the prosperity bestowed on them by God.”

Pastor, teacher, and author Olaolu Oladosu takes readers on a journey through the scripture to prove, beyond all reasonable doubt, that God has made provision for our prosperity. “You will be amazed at what you will discover; this discovery will ultimately enable you to take possession of what rightfully belongs to you,” he continues.

“It helps the Christian remove every barrier or preconceived mindset concerning prosperity and convinces him or her that prosperity is their right in Christ. Only a mind certain about the will of God concerning prosperity can function in it.” Prosper communicates deep spiritual truths in understandable, everyday language that leaves the reader ready to believe God’s promise for a life of abundance.

Olaolu Oladosu is a preacher, teacher, and author. With almost fifteen years of pastoring experience, he has taught the word of God to audiences all over Nigeria. He was the general secretary of Nigeria’s Christian Corpers’ Fellowship, Lagos state chapter, between 2008 and 2009. He has a degree in biochemistry and a Master’s Degree in public health from the University of Liverpool.

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Kimberly Duboise: “…a biblical perspective on finances and…very encouraging in outlook….I came away feeling very motivated and positive. This book does a good job of laying out the why and how of a prosperous mindset.”

Olaniyi Soyinka: “…a great book…simple to read and easy to grasp. It does bring some fresh lights to known truths….a balanced book that is to be read by all Christians as well as those who desire true prosperity. I recommend it highly.”

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