Pastor John Hagee, Author of NYT’s Bestseller ‘Four Blood Moons’; A total lunar eclipse will occur this Sunday evening, resulting in the fourth and final “blood moon” of the 2014-2015 Tetrad (a series of four blood moons)

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Pastor John Hagee, Author of NYT’s Bestseller ‘Four Blood Moons’

SAN ANTONIO— A total lunar eclipse will occur this Sunday evening, resulting in the fourth and final “blood moon” of the 2014-2015 Tetrad (a series of four blood moons).  A “blood moon,” occurs as red light passes through the earth’s atmosphere and is bent toward the moon during the eclipse, resulting in a reddish glow. And many sky watchers will view it with far more than astronomical interest.

Several Tetrads have occurred since NASA first recorded them, but Tetrads linked to the Feasts of the Lord and significant Jewish history have taken place only three times in more than 500 years. The Tetrad of 2014-2015 is the fourth and the last of this kind in the 21st century. Rarely do Scripture, science and historical events align; yet the current “four blood moons” have fallen on the Jewish holy days of Passover 2014, Sukkot 2014, Passover 2015 and now Sukkot 2015.

Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio is author of the current New York Times bestsellers “Four Blood Moons” (also a feature-length film) and “The Three Heavens.” Pastor Hagee believes this exceptional celestial alignment is consistent with biblical prophecy and with God’s unfolding message to humankind. Hagee echoes both Christian and Jewish scholars who believe that “God is trying to tell us something!”

For a theological perspective on Sunday’s night sky, Sept. 28 (overnight on the 27th and in the early morning hours of the 28th) blood moon eclipse—the fourth and final Blood Moon aligning with the Jewish Feasts in this century, go to GETV.ORG on September 27 at 8 p.m. Central. Pastor John Hagee releases a brand new program, “The Revelation of Four Blood Moons,” with more insight into how recent world events line up with this rare celestial event.

Current news on the Four Blood moons and their significance:


Pastor John Hagee
Twitter: @pastorjohnhagee (212,000 followers)
John Hagee is the founder and senior pastor of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, a non-denominational and evangelical church, with more than 22,000 active members. He has authored 38 major books, seven of which were New York Times best-sellers, including “The Three Heavens” and “Four Blood Moons,” (also a successful docu-drama film). He is the founder and national chairman of the 2.5 million-member Christians United for Israel, the nation’s largest pro-Israel grassroots organization.


  • Does God telegraph through the sun, moon and stars?
  • What do blood moons mean or signify? Is this Sunday’s fourth and final blood moon more significant than its predecessors?
  • What does the Bible say about blood moons and other such celestial events?
  • How are biblical “signs and wonders” different from astrology?
  • What accounts for the interest in Hagee’s bestselling book on the blood moons and, on the same subject, the near record-breaking film events?
  • Going back centuries, Hagee tracks four blood moons coinciding with events (some tragic, some triumphant) affecting Jewish people. What links blood moons and Israel or the Jewish people?
  • What connects Christians in the U.S. with the nation of Israel? Why should Christians also care whether these astronomical events hold special theological meaning?
  • This Sunday, when and how can people observe the final blood moon?


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