Parking Changes at The Players Theatre

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Let Us help you find your “perfect spot” 

Hello Dear Patrons, Cast Members and Volunteers!
In the past, The Players Theatre was fortunate enough to share a lot along Cocoanut Ave to help with overflow parking. That lot has since been purchased, and construction is about to commence.


But don’t fret! The Players has a plan to help you find a place to store your vehicle while you watch some of the finest community theatre the area has to offer!


We’ll start out with the easiest solutions first:



Hate looking for more than one parking spot? Ever wanted to get some extra time with your Friends and Family to grab some dinner or have an after the show chat about that amazing performance you just watched at our theatre? This is the simplest solution for parking woes. You’ve worked some miracles with it in the past, and we’re thoroughly encouraging you to continue. We’ve had sold-out shows at our theatre with space still left over in our lot because friends and families like you decided to carpool. I mean, really, which would you rather do? Look for one space or look for two or more? Especially if that pre-show dinner left you running a little behind (Trust me, we’ve all been there). Besides, it’s eco-friendly!


Tighter Parallel parking along 9th

While it’s not our main lot, we do recommend secondary parking along 9th street. We ask for you to consider tightening those gaps. The less space that’s wasted, the more spaces we have for those of your visiting our theatre!


Staff, Ushers and Front of House Volunteers

We appreciate everything you do for us. You help us create the magic of the theare, and we are asking for one more itty-bitty favor to help continue that experience. Please consider parking in off-sight parking areas. By getting in a little exercise, you’re helping us continue our mission of bringing great community theatre to the area. Every space you can provide for our patrons is appreciated!



Places to Park Include…

  1. Our Main Lot in front of the theatre
  2. Along 9th Street.
  3. In the Municipal Auditorium Parking Lot Across the street
  4. In the Van Wezel Parking Lot Across the street
  5. At Publix Along 10th Street
(Click image to view a larger version on our website)

We appreciate your patience with this change!


If you have any questions or concerns, 

please contact our Box Office at 

(941) 365-2494



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