Panda Elliot is 3 in 1: woman, band and producer; A fresh new face in the music scene, she recently launched her second album “Forastera”

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Panda Elliot is an Argentine vocalist with a vibrant musical vision and an attitude to match. With a sweet voice and exotic flair Panda’s femininity shines through her guitar riffs and rock beats. 

With a sound similar to strong female rock artists like Paramore and Hole, Panda has carved out a unique path in Latin music for herself and hopes to connect to the SXSW audience and create a resonating performance.

Panda Elliot
Panda Elliot is 3 in 1: woman, band and producer. A fresh new face in the music scene, she recently launched her second album “Forastera”. She is a restless, young Argentine artist who participated in numerous bands across the world (Venezuela, UK, Argentina) before starting her own project in 2011. Composer and guitarist, she consolidated her solo career with “Es mi nombre”, her first album.“Forastera” shows a more confident Panda Elliot, well established in her own style. A personal evolution with clear goals: lots of dancing, sensuality and rock & roll. Together with producer Gustavo Montemurro (Ruben Rada, Jaime Roos) and celebrity guests Hugo Fattoruso and Facundo Guevara, “Forastera” is a project full of flavor!After the eclectic single “Ligerita”, she released “Guerrero”, a rockin’ feminine song that forces you to move your head. “Avanzo” is the hit; “Velocirraptor”, the fun; “Marmol”, the sensibility; and the rest is there to discover and enjoy.


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