Orfium, the New Artists Focused Social Music Platform Is LIVE

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Orfium, the New Artists Focused Social Music Platform Is LIVE!

Free to host and share. Monetization pays 80%

No upfront costs and no Long-term contracts

Tag Publicity is thrilled to introduce and promote this exciting new music Platform. Orfium is a technology company striving to provide an open, elegant, and flexible music platform that puts artists and rights holders in control of all forms of promotion, retail, licensing, and distribution of music in the digital age, and to provide fans with the best discovery, sharing, and listening experience.

Visit the site HERE, or watch the video below for more details.


Writers & Editors

We are currently looking to organize pre-features and interviews with Orfium co-founders Chris Mohoney and Drew Delis. If you are interested in an interview, or would like additional information about the platform, please respond to this email or contact me at [email protected].

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What is Orfium?

Integrated social, hosting, retail, and music licensing platform that puts artists in control of how their music is consumed and distributed.
For both premium and free music
Great for consumers to discover, share, buy, and license music and playlists.
Their goal is to create the most efficient marketplace for music while providing artists with complete control, total flexibility, and the highest payout.


No Legal Risk and No Financial Risk

Orfium passes 80% of revenue to the artists and rights holders.
All services are offered on a non-exclusive basis when possible, and artists can opt-in or out of each service on a track by track basis and at any time.
Hosting and sharing is always free, and there are never any upfront costs
Artists can upload directly

No Barriers to Access

Unlike other retail platforms, artists do not have to upload through a distributor or label, they can upload directly and sell their music
Artists also have the option to upload through labels and distributors if they prefer it that way

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Powerful Tools for All Industry Stakeholders

Special accounts for record labels, managers, publishers, distributors, and influencers
Special accounts provide additional features for rights holders to manager their assets onsite and offsite with Orfium

Very Flexible Distribution Settings and Rights Management

All services can be individually opted in/out and customized on a per release basis at any time so the uploader does not have to worry about conflicts with existing 3rd party deals
Uploaders can specify whether they want to make music available for free or for sale
“Follow to download” allows artists to gain followers by making free downloads available only to followers
Sellers can loosen and tighten consumer access policies.
The strictest policy only permits listening to preview clips before purchase.
The loosest policy allows listening to the full version but requires purchase in order to download or save to a playlist
Rights holders can also manage policies for sync licenses, remixes, monetizing copyright infringements, broadcasting licenses, and offsite digital distribution

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List of Services

Free Hosting


Sell digital downloads
Subscription streaming and subscription radio to come
Digital distribution to 3rd party digital music stores to come

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Publishing Services
Sources custom deals starting at $500 and up
Micro-licensing (aka Royalty Free sync licenses)
Automated standard licenses for deals worth less than $500
Derivative works licenses
Creative commons licenses
Broadcasting licenses

PRO free licenses to broadcast music based on audience size. Typical customers would include cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and brick-and-mortar stores

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Onsite Rights Administration

We’ll track and pay to the original rightsholder all net earnings generated by remixes and mashups on Orfium
Rightsholder can control and manage distribution policies of unauthorized derivative works
Rightsholder can also decide whether to share any earnings with the remixing artist
If the Rightsholder’s policy does not allow remixes to be heard for free, the remixing artist can pay a licensing fee to the rightsholder to make the music available for free

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Global Rights Administration

Monetizing (collecting ad revenue from) videos that have the rightsholder’s sound recording or composition asset embedded

YouTube Content ID


Amazon Video Direct

Collection of songwriter performance royalties from PROs and Broadcasters
Collection of sound recording digital performance royalties from Sound Exchange, SongTrust, and digital broadcasters
Collection of songwriter mechanical royalties from Harry Fox and physical and digital print copiers
Will find and collect from any revenue source that the rightsholder is not already collecting from


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