NYC Toddler Poet Laureate, Howard Eisenberg, turns 90 & Dedicates 2 Poems to Grandparents

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A “Great” Grandparents Day” Story for  this September 2016!
What To Expect When You Turn 90!
Howard Eisenberg’s new book of Toddler Poems, “Adorable Scoundrels” includes two special poems dedicated to Grandparents
Strategic Retreat

The grandparent advantage 
As some of you may know
Is when a trantrum starts
You can just get up and go

Gale Warnings

Hurricane? Tornado? Violent Spouse?
What wrought this havoc in our house?
You want to know what is it?
Our grandchildren came to visit.

Howard Eisenberg, NYC Author, turns 90, late August, just before Grandparents Day, in September. His daughter and late-wife, Arlene, wrote the original “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”.
 “Toddler Poet Laureate”  NYC  Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Author, Playwright Publishes New Book for Parents of Toddler Poems, “Adorable Scoundrels”
Howard Eisenberg, almost, 90, years young, shares his experience of raising 3 children, and poems about toddlers in his new book “Adorable Scoundrels”.
His beloved late wife, Arlene Eisenberg,  (“What To Expect in the Toddler Years”) who had Howard lead off her lectures by saying, 

“If you’re going to have a toddler, you’ll need a sense of humor.”
People always asked afterwards where they could get “the book.”  There was none then. Now, 20 years later,  there is “Adorable Scoundrels.” And, Howard dedicates every reading  to the woman he had two names for: Wonder Woman and Saint Arlene.
“Poems to make you smile, when you feel like crying”.
His three-book series Guess Who Zoo, Farm & Neighborhood, are filled with the whimsical Guess Who Zoo poems ballpoint-penned on postcards to his grandchildren in 1988 from a Qantas jet at 30,000 feet.
The interactive poems – last word left blank so the kids could guess the animal – were written on a book and zoo tour of Australia with his late wife, Arlene, co-author of the classic “What to Expect” book series.
As a result of a suggestion Arlene made 25 years ago, the postcard poems have been published by Mascot Books  and now has a blanket to go along with the book and c.d.
Howard has done readings from his books at schools, hospitals, and The Poets House.
The group produced a Guess Who Zoo CD. With the help of composer Sherwin Kaufman and producers Ann Ruckert and Jimmy “The Whiz” Wisner, he set out to generate “a buzz.”  and created a Guess Who Zoo Troupe to perform the poems as songs at children’s museums, schools, and hundreds of birthday parties.
*Please watch the 2 minute promo
He also has a one-man show about Baseball, called “The Pheonom” from his book, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cooperstown”.
He produced his first musical “Million Dollar Bet” with a great cast at NYC’s JCC Theater and is looking for a new theater to Produce a full scale production based on his experience as the publicist for Eddie Fisher.
Howard is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and appearances on radio and television and advice about parenting!
Media Contact and for copies of the book by Publisher.
Also, cast members of the Guess Who Zoo show can perform.
Please visit Howard’s Youtube Channel:
*Howard Eisenberg is available for appearances, readings, interviews ,book signings and dating advice!
Media Contact & Bookings:
Laurie Sheppard 646-342-4688     [email protected]


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