New material from acclaimed Sergio Verdinelli (Spinetta, Fito Paez, Calamaro, Illya Kuriaky)

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When someone mentions “Argentine Rock”, some names may emerge as the most relevant, iconic and founding figures. Well, Sergio Verdinelli has played with most . A true institution when it comes to drums, he´s shared both stage and studio with some staggering names, such as Luis Alberto “El Flaco” Spinetta, an iconic figure of argentine culture, an eminence that has marked the fate of argentinean popular music in the last 50 years, and one of argentinean rock´s founding fathers. He’s also played and recorded on two Latin Grammy nominated Fito Paez albums (aside from that, Paez has won 6 Latin Grammys) and with
hip-hop/rock/funk fusion stravaganza Illya Kuriaky and the Valderramas, beginning his career with them at the tender age of 15.

A lot of water has runned under the bridge, but Sergio´s ever evolving career just got bigger and wider, incorporating jazz to his musical journey and in the most prolific way recording and playing with the most influential musicians from the scene, including Ernesto Jodos, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Guillermo Klein, Luis Nacht, Hernan Merlo, Enrique Norris,as well as North-American players such as Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, John Hebert, Wayne Krantz, Michael Formanek, Ralph Alessi, Mark Helias, Aaron Goldberg, among others.

To connect the world of rock and jazz even further, the record is being released in a co production between ears&eyes Records (U.S.A) and argentine label Twitin Records,
owned and directed by Tweety Gonzalez, whose resume runs deep: he was the keyboard player for what’s probably the most famous Argentine rock band, Soda Stereo,
the first argentinean band to go international, becoming a hit in all of South America and having regular gigs in North America and Europe. Tweety has played with Fito Paez as well as produced music for Shakira and worked with Gustavo Cerati on Ahí vamos, an album that won two Latin Grammys for Best Vocal Rock Album and Best Rock Song in 2006 (and in 2007, they won another).

Sergio´s third and latest release, “No me digas loco” (“Don’t call me crazy”) finds him settled as a mature composer as the head of a sharp and compact trio; formed by non other than piano maestro Ernesto Jodos and experienced bass player Mauricio Dawid. Playing in tight harmony but with room for improvisation and creation, Verdinelli gives us insight into a delightfully dark reflection on his scene, of how the influence of all of his worlds could sound in the language that may be the one he is more comfortable in, jazz and improvisation. Led by Sergio but with the careful articulation and constant back and forth between the players, this record is definitely one worth listening to listen, and the re-listen.

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