New Book, by Don Corsaro, Urges Executives to ‘Lead Beyond Expectations’ & Rekindle Lost Art of Innovative Leadership

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New Book Urges Executives to ‘Lead Beyond Expectations’ & Rekindle Lost Art of Innovative Leadership.


In ‘Leading People Beyond Expectations: Growing your Company by Growing Your People’, Don Corsaro fuses his 30+ years of global business experience in the field of leadership, to help any owner/operator or executive foster the people skills they need to thrive. Basic leadership principles are mostly forgotten about at University level curriculums, leading Corsaro to take it upon himself to articulate the basic principles of exceptional people skills into this succinct and powerful book. With a foreword by former Continental Airlines chairman and CEO, Gordon Bethune – this is one book no potential leader should be without.


Chardon, Ohio – Through over three-decades of growing businesses from fledgling startups to dominant global players, Don Corsaro is adamant about one often “forgotten” factor – the direct correlation between exceptional leadership and bottom-line success. On the flipside, Corsaro has become acutely aware of the bold lack of available leadership training that leaves most companies battling against the tide.

In his new book, Corsaro takes his experiences with thousands of employees and managers and wraps them up into ‘Leading People Beyond Expectations: Growing your Company by Growing Your People’. Covering everything from the role of respect in employer/employee relationships to how to effectively run a meeting, create motion that can jump-start any company and even how to deploy the KAIZEN continuous improvement framework – Corsaro provides the vital piece of the business puzzle that nobody else is teaching.


Today’s global business environment is filled with more competition than ever before. Now, managers must master more skills than ever. Being an expert in one’s business discipline is not enough. Instead, one must step outside the standard patterns and “think beyond the norm” and conquer other skills that are not easily acquired and often not taught in any university. Additional expertise can only come through the lessons of experience, observation, mistakes and failures. Allow me to share the expertise I’ve gained while in the metalworking industry for the past 30 years. This journey has taken me through 12 positions–from stock boy to vice president of sales & marketing, allowing me to patent two products and co-author two business books. During this time I was able to interact worldwide with companies in Europe, Japan, India, Canada and Korea. I also got a real glimpse into the overall workings of manufacturing worldwide and especially in American companies. After graduating from college, I had no idea a summer job with a global manufacturing firm in the metalworking industry would stoke my passion for leadership and organizational dynamics. Even then, I believed that people are a company’s greatest asset. Once you learn how to tap into their unique abilities, you can elevate them to accomplish things they never thought possible.

Whether you are a CEO or a front-line supervisor, one essential skill you must develop is Leading People Beyond Expectations. The CEO or supervisor is not unlike a professional sports coach who, like the corporate manager, has the job of sorting out the skill level of his players and placing them where their strengths will be most effective. As a manager you must evaluate not only your people’s strengths and weaknesses but also your own. This knowledge will be invaluable in putting your strategic plan into effect. Understanding the people dynamics is essential for implementing each of the next steps in building your team—the team that best supports your business and you as its manager.

“Good leadership is ultimately what allows some companies to become billion-dollar success stories, and relegates others to nothing but a distant memory,” explains Corsaro. “The problem is that no University teaches students how to become exceptional leaders, and most are forced to wing it while their ventures hemorrhage vital funds. I have spent thirty years figuring it all out, and am now releasing my ‘blueprint’ to world-class, success-fostering leadership.”

Continuing, “I once had a chance meeting with former Continental Airlines chairman and CEO, Gordon Bethune. We hit it off and I was privileged enough to spend a few years working very closely with him on a number of projects. During that time we came to realize that our philosophies and approach to people management were almost identical. This resulted in him agreeing to provide a hugely-insightful foreword for this volume.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Thomas H. comments, “Leading People Beyond Expectations offers valuable, common sense advice to anyone who leads others. Don Corsaro has successfully captured and articulated core fundamental concepts that managers on any level will find valuable. This book will make a valuable addition to the library of anyone who leads people or is in the position of trying to grow a company.”

Ron H. adds, “Don Corsaro has offered a full common sense approach to motivate and lead people. Leading People Beyond Expectation is a recommended read for any business owner, president, CEO or manager responsible for working with, motivating or leading people.”

‘Leading People Beyond Expectations: Growing your Company by Growing Your People’ is available now:

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About the Author:

Don Corsaro is a former senior executive who started his career with an international manufacturing company. What started as a job in the stockroom, led to a more than 20 year journey through the organization to national OEM sales manager.

He was recruited to take on a struggling Cleveland manufacturing company and within 12 months increased the company’s profits exponentially.  He was again recruited by another international company where his innovations led to his developing a U.S. and International patent in the manufacturing arena. Don holds another patent relating to firearms safety.

Don was offered to work with a local Cleveland consulting and business publication to drive sales and operations and coach would-be inventors. He co-authored two business books and then released his first solo book on leadership. During this time Don got the opportunity to work with Mr. Gordon Bethune, former Chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines. Mr. Bethune took Continental from almost near bankruptcy to a billion dollar turn-around in 18 months. Mr. Bethune recommends Don’s book as they embrace the same business philosophy.

Don still helps companies succeed by showing them how to motivate and grow its people. He also advises an Ohio nonprofit company that aligns elder veterans with potential benefits to age in place.

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