New Biotech Startup is Changing Lives and Disrupting Healthcare with Innovative Stem Cell Solutions for Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Treatments

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We all want to look younger be healthier and age gracefully, but that is easier said than done. To overcome the challenges that face us as we age into our golden years, we must find a way to fight the diseases, aches and pains that plague us – and safeguard against those that could harm us in the future. Stem cells provide a way to fight back; published studies have shown stem cells could be used to improve health, heal wounds, treat systemic diseases and possibly reverse brain damage caused by diseases such as MS, ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s,  and pave the way for cures and treatments for a host of other diseases and ailments.

Currently, prepared stem cells (applications) are in early development and must be shipped frozen requiring physician processing on receipt at their clinic. The solution, to deliver adipose tissue and stem cells  at room temperature, ready for physicians to treat their patient, this could be a tipping point for accelerating the growth of the industry.

American CryoStem Corporation (Ticker: CRYO) has produced an effective and innovative solution that provides unprecedented, on-demand access to stem cells. It is the only company able to globally ship autologous adipose (fat) tissue at room temperature and is currently completing a method to do the same with adipose derived stem cells. American CryoStem developed a patented packaging system that ensures its adipose tissue deliveries (which are stored in a cryo-bank until they are ready to be shipped via FedEx) arrive safely and securely. The methodology keeps the tissue at room temperature, eliminating reprocessing by the physician, and allows for immediate use on arrival.

American CryoStem has a first-mover advantage and filed patents in the growing market of stem cell transportation. Several publicly-traded, multi-billion dollar enterprises are already working with CRYO, and physicians trust and use their collection-processing-storage services for their patients.

American CryoStem has entered the stem cell market at the onset of tremendous growth. The stem cell industry was globally valued at $37.88 billion in 2013 and is expected to soar with a 20%+ compound annual growth rate through 2020. The market could reach $119 billion by 2019.

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