Murder on the Sconset Express: Celebrated New Murder Mystery Novel Paints Trend-Bucking Picture of Idyllic Nantucket Island. Hailed “Intriguing” by Critics

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Murder on the Sconset Express: Celebrated New Murder Mystery Novel Paints Trend-Bucking Picture of Idyllic Nantucket Island. Hailed “Intriguing” by Critics


Masterfully crafted from the author’s own fascination with, and experiences living on Nantucket Island, ‘Murder on the Sconset Express’ whisks readers back to the 1940s and follows the life of a couple setting foot on the island for the first time. But remember, this is a blistering murder mystery, so nothing could possibly be as it seems. Thankfully this is fiction! Nobody has found the island to be quite this chilling…yet…


Nantucket Island, MA – Just thirty miles south of Cape Cod lies a territory of Massachusetts so unique, beautiful and untainted by the modern world that it hardly feels like it’s a part of the United States. Nantucket boasts rickety harbors, historical cobblestone streets and…of course…the perfect setting for the market’s most bold and intense new murder mystery.

‘Murder of the Sconset Express’ is entirely set on the island, weaving together an adventure of suspense and intrigue that turns one new couple’s life on the island into a nightmare. Yet, through it all, author Hunter Laroche manages to retain a realistic and stunning portrayal of Nantucket Island’s distinct beauty and character.


The story takes place in the 1940s (yes, the author knows the train did not run at that time) on Nantucket, the quintessential idyllic island thirty miles out to sea. When a couple chooses to visit for the very first time, they quickly adapt and fall in love with the tranquil, everyday pace, quaint shops, cobblestone streets, gas streetlights, and new friends. They purchase a summer home in Sconset. Everything is peaceful-until one day when they are entwined in a murder that has ties to their family.

“Those who visit Nantucket are often consumed by the island’s ability to be so beautiful and life-changing, all while retaining the simplicity and small-town innocence that the rest of the nation has lost,” explains Laroche. “Therefore, I felt it would be the perfect juxtaposition to set a murder story there, on an island our victims can’t escape from quickly, to contrast the very facets that make the island so stunning.”

Continuing, “I’ve got vast experience of the island, so have replaced the genre’s usual overdoing of blood and gore with a very accurate and complementary portrayal of the island and what it means to live there. Those who have visited will definitely be able to relate to many of the book’s locations, as well as the attitudes of the people our leading couple encounter. I really don’t think there’s anything else like this on the market.”

Since its release, readers and critics have come out in force with rave reviews. For example, Arthur comments, “This book harkens back to the days of Sherlock Holmes mysteries – a story that is not filled with gruesome gore / slash & violence — rather it’s interesting to read and peopled with memorable characters, and bonus — tidbits of history. It’s story telling at its best and just charming. I only hope it’s the beginning of more to come.”

Pat Fallon adds, “My husband and I have been going to Nantucket and staying in Sconset for about 5 years now and we loved this book! It was nice to learn more a place that we love but with a lot of twists and turns!! This book really pulls you in and you won’t want to put it down!! I would highly recommend it!! You won’t be let down!”

‘Murder on the Sconset Express’, from AuthorHouse, is available now:

For a personalized, signed copy of the book, please send a check or money order for $17.95 to: Laroche, PO Box 708, Sconset MA, 02564.

Look out for the imminent release of ‘The Wauwinet Caper’ – a real, palm-sweating “whodunit”.


About the Author:

Hunter Laroche arrived on Nantucket Island in the late 1970s and also resides in Florida, the Caribbean, and Europe. He still spends his summer months on the island.

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