MHCCI Celebrates Mental Health Month with Matching Campaign

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MHCCI Celebrates Mental Health Month with Matching Campaign
Mental Health Community Centers (MHCCI) had created a collaboration with Dr. Jason Quintal and created an employee assistance relationship.
MHCCI staff members can access and receive support through Quintal’s team.
Staff members are excited to have additional ways to improve their mental health by working with Quintal and his team.
Sarasota, FL – 5/6/19: Mental Health Community Centers collaborates with Dr. Quintal
Mental Health Community Centers, Inc. would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Jason Quintal for his training presentation at our staff meeting held in April.
At Mental Health Community Centers, Inc, (MHCCI), we believe in offering strong support to our staff members. The leadership team has developed an employee assistance relationship with Dr. Quintal & Associates in which MHCCI staff members can access and receive support through the many therapeutic models Dr. Quintal and his highly trained team of therapists deliver. While MHCCI provides support for its members who are managing mental health, it is imperative that the staff members also receive support for their mental health. Derek Blake, MHCCI’s Director of Supported Employment says, “Our collaboration with Dr. Quintal will bring a higher level of care to our staff members.”
Dr. Quintal has been assisting individuals in the community for several years and is specialized in trauma resolution techniques. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, Clinical Sexology, and is a Certified Traumatologist. He joined MHCCI staff members at their recent staff meeting in April. Not everyone is always comfortable with visiting a therapist, even those working in mental health. Dr. Quintal came in to share his experiences and how his strategies work to help those managing mental health. He shared some examples of working with clients and how he helped them to move past their trauma. MHCCI employees look forward to working with Dr. Quintal and his staff to help them manage their mental health. May is Mental Health Month, and it is a reminder for everyone to take care of their own mental health.
MHCCI has four Wellness Centers in the area, in Sarasota, Venice, North Port, and Arcadia. The Wellness Centers serve about 500 members each year. Members pay a small amount of annual membership dues to be able to visit MHCCI daily and participate in activities that help them manage their mental health. MHCCI also has a Supported Employment program, which helps adults managing mental health learn skills from resume writing to communicating with one’s supervisor and obtain employment. MHCCI’s Peer Assisted Liaison program provides members with a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist who is also managing mental health who provides them with support in the community. To learn more, visit
Dr. Quintal & Associates’ mission is to provide confidential, personalized service and positive solutions to personal problems and concerns. With experience and knowledge, they will apply a variety of therapeutic methods specifically tailored for you to resolve your issues in the shortest period of time. Dr. Quintal’s office will help you to define your goals for reaching your fullest potential then teach you the strategies necessary to meet them and successfully manage life’s challenges. Their team of therapists are constantly educating themselves to seek more ways to provide support, resolutions and information to encourage your personal growth and positive well-being. The offices are located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. To learn more about Dr. Quintal and his staff, visit

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