MF Press Global excels at developing celebrities’ careers

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MF Press Global excels at developing celebrities’ careers
Prodigy owner Fabiano de Abreu takes the company to record-breaking heights by creating personalities and a obtaining a verification seal on social networks

Celebrity factory: this is what many call MF Press Global. In five years the company has launched hundreds of people to stardom, also becoming a leader in social networks and becoming the first to obtain a verification seal from Instragram, which has also attracted clients focused on those platforms, such as digital influencers.

Among the more than 500 clients who have already gone through the agency, the company’s portfolio includes names such as the international influencer Bella Falconi, with more than 3.5 million followers; YouTuber Anna Layza, a YouTube phenomenon with 5.1 million subscribed to her channel Hi Gorgeous; Serbian football star Dejan Petkovic, the idol of Flamengo fans; Latino, a singer with a 20-year career; Cris Cyborg, the North American MMA athletic sensation; star of Portuguese TV Eric Santos; Gabi Lodewijcks, the Dutch nutritional coach and influencer; and Domenique Heidy, the Portuguese fashionista residing in England, among many other names in several other countries.

Behind all of this success and the company’s expansion from Brazil to the United States, Portugal, Angola and Chile is journalist and philosopher Fabiano de Abreu. Considered to be one of the most intelligent people in the world, with an IQ of higher than 180 Fabiano is a member of Mensa, the international society of geniuses with above-average IQs, and he holds the award of the greatest creator of celebrities in the history of the Brazilian press and investigative journalism. Neuropsychologist Cristiane Costa Cruz, also a member of Mensa International, said that creativity in his creations is what makes Fabiano de Abreu so special. The professional notes his spatial intelligence, stating that people with this type of intelligence have creativity and sensitivity as their main characteristics, and that they are capable of imagining, creating and seeing things that someone who does not have this type of developed intelligence is generally unable to do. She also points out his Classic Intelligence, which is also quite high.

Fabiano de Abreu who chose to live in a quiet village called Castelo de Paiva in Portugal, is internationally known today not only as a businessman or a press advisor who launches people to fame, but also as a writer and philosopher. His book “Viver Pode Não Ser Tão Ruim,” [Living Might Not Be So Bad], is available at the libraries at the prestigious University of Coimbra, the Gregório Semedo University in Angola, the National Library in Rio de Janeiro, and it has been used by students in the public school network in Minas Gerais in Brazil.

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