Menace + Lord Drops a Video of “Synth-Pop Slice of Sweetness” on Vibe

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Menace & Lord’s first music video ‘SUN, MOON & STARS’
from s/t debut album co-premieres onVibe + Vevo

“Sun, Moon and Stars, Pt. 1”

“Together, the new super music group is summoning symphonic wizardry under the moniker, Menace & Lord, bringing together Kris’s unique flair for electronic production and Simon’s individual voice and knack for a pop hook, making a feel-fantastic album with panoramic scope (pre-order here).” –Vibe Magazine

“We wanted to make a collection of songs that are a soundtrack to the times you lose yourself in the moment…whether it’s in the club, in the sunshine with friends or staring up into the night sky.” – Menace & Lord

Each has individually enjoyed a colorful, successful career within the electronic music industry, but now Kris Menace and Simon Lord have teamed up for an all-new music project simply dubbed Menace & Lord.

In step with their new direction, the pair will release an album on September 15th, and the debut single from the album is the title track
‘Sun, Moon & Stars, Pt. 1’.  The music video for the track premieres today on Vibe ( and Vevo (


The music video was directed by Rolling Stone Awarded Meeto Worre Kronborg Grevsen from Denmark who says: “When i was first presented to Menace & Lord I was completely astonished by the feeling of the tracks. For me, they had a sense of magic like the feeling of being in love for the first time. A feeling of the universe coming together around you and a feeling of coexisting with another person and daydreaming. We wanted to create a love story, and we quickly decided to let the video universe evolve over more than one video to get deeper sense of the story and atmosphere.  It’s always a task to make a story fit within a music video, because making a music video is to the create a visual emotion to the music, and often a story is told by words and within a narrative structure that has to make sense somehow.  But I think we found a way to create a sense of a story without making it depend on words and the narrative structure. You should feel the videos rather than understanding it perfectly. And I love the chemistry between the actors.”

This is just the first video of three that will be released for the debut Album ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’. The next two music videos are just as visually breathtaking as this one, and will be released in the coming months.

Again, from Meeto, “‘Sun, Moon & Stars, Pt. 1’ is the initial video of the trilogy and it should set the the atmosphere for all three.  It’s centered around the first meeting and the magic of feeling another person for the first time.  It’s a happy beginning but we put some drops of melancholy in there as well. The sense of nothing last for ever.”

Menace & Lord are defining an all-new path in the electronic music scene so keep an ear out for the revolution.

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