Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust Highlights Forty Carrots, Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida & Manatee Children’s Services

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We at the Flanzer Trust felt that it would be helpful for us to highlight some of our agency partners to bring them to your attention.

The goal of our signature matching program is to encourage community based funding to the important social, health and educational initiatives carried on through the many voluntary agencies in our area.

We believe that highlighting the agencies and their work is critical. Large donors and agency clients are well aware of the important services provided to those in need. However, our research indicates that while many residents are aware of a few agencies, many are not aware of the important impact that the larger not for profit community has upon the collective health of our local society and how that benefits all of us.

The recent pandemic has made clear the importance of these agencies and it has made more people aware of their services. Many people found themselves in need who never imagined that they would be in that position.

These agencies have stepped up to help the community during the pandemic, but not without a cost to their own financial health. It’s important that we all help sustain them so that we can maintain and improve our communities’ quality of life. Remember, just because you may not require services today, the quality of life of the overall community in which we all reside is best served when we help those in need. And you never know when you may find yourself in an unexpected situation.

The three agencies that we are highlighting this month are Forty Carrots, Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida & Manatee Children’s Services. Each month we will highlight other partner agencies.

We are comfortable in recommending them to you for your consideration in connection with our matching program. We also encourage you to go to our home page at Flanzertrust.org to see the list of our partnership agencies, which continue grow as we consider their applications to participate in the matching program.

We encourage you to continue your participation in our matching program and to spread the word to friends and families. Our favorite contributions are from members of the general public who are not personally active in an agency – our goal is to increase involvement in supporting public service agencies. And remember, we will match as little at $5.00 and up to $500.00 with a maximum match of $3,000.00 per household per organization.

The Trustees of the Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust.

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