Looking for A Hero: The Search for a Live Kidney Donor

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Looking for A Hero: The Search for a Live Kidney Donor

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A Love Story

Looking for A Hero: The Search for a Live Kidney Donor

In today’s world, much of dating begins electronically as over 40 million Americans use online websites, with ages ranging from young to old.  Match.com, EHarmony, OKCupid, Bumble, and, yes, Tinder, where true love is only a swipe away, or so they say.

Back then, however, dating most often began with personal introductions and in the case of Diane DiResta and Ed Sitter, it was a blind date.  Ed worked with a friend of Diane’s and the first date was a simple lunch in Brooklyn Heights.  Ed’s mettle was tested as he had to climb 5 flights of steps to pick up Diane, who was living in a walk-up brownstone.

But Ed was determined, and that determination was rewarded, as it was “like” at first sight.

The “like” grew as Diane and Ed discovered how many things they had in common, including a mutual “joie de vivre” and love of travel, Broadway, good restaurants, and, importantly, their Faith.  Their second date was an off-Broadway show and a seafood dinner. Over dinner, they discovered that as students, they both had traveled Europe extensively, following the steps of Arthur Frommer’s famed travel guides.  And in fact, they even had visited the same dock in Oslo, Norway to buy fresh shrimp, straight from the fisherman’s catch.

And so the story goes until 5 years later, they married at the famed Marble Collegiate Church on Fifth Avenue.  They arrived by horse and carriage, followed by an intimate reception at a nearby Italian restaurant, and a honeymoon cruise to Bermuda.

Thirty years later, Bermuda is still their “happy place”.

Getting to Know Ed Sitter:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

An honor student and graduate of Colgate University, Ed has worked as a Recreation Therapist and Building Administrator for United Cerebral Palsy, in hospital administration at Goldwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island, and before
his retirement at age 55, at the NY Stock Exchange.

His retirement was mandated by Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and in 2015, he had triple bypass surgery.  Through it all, he continues a passion for gardening, reading (in his younger days, he read 7 newspapers a day), cooking (when he feels up to it), investing in the stock market, and as an avid sports enthusiast, following the
Mets and remembering his days as a golfer, with his goal of breaking 80.

TODAY, his goal is to find a Kidney.

And lastly, he has a strong faith and often ministers to others through empathy and
listening.  As a child they called him the “Little
Minister”. He has the gift of gab and will talk to anyone, making
others laugh with his sardonic wit and quick mind.

Fast Facts About Kidney Disease

Roughly 30 million Americans have chronic kidney disease, and an astounding 96 percent of people with kidney damage have no idea they have it.  Known as the silent killer, kidney disease has no symptoms in its early stages and it often detected too late.  As a result, every year, kidney disease kills more people than breast or prostate cancer.  Here are seven things you need to know to make sure your kidneys are not failing you.

  • Adults with diabetes, high blood pressure, or both, have a far greater risk of developing kidney disease
  • Heart disease, obesity and family history are major risk factors
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels slowly destroy kidney function
  • Women are more likely to have kidney disease than men
  • People know they have kidney disease because they take blood and urine tests
  • Kidney disease can be treated and managed with lifestyle changes and medications
  • Untreated kidney disease can lead to heart disease and stroke

Visit your health-care provider to learn if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney problems. Early detection can be life saving!

How You Can Help Diane DiResta Find A Kidney for Her Husband

The need is timely, and urgent.  In her search, Diane has determined, for example, that the wait list at NY Presbyterian Hospital is 8-10 years.  As Ed ages, the chances of receiving a kidney are dim and not encouraging.  And, unfortunately, no family member qualifies as a donor.

As the search continues, building community makes a difference.  In the days ahead, Diane will be announcing a public event with RENEWAL.org, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives through kidney donation.

And in the meantime, Diane invites you to join her on Sunday, June 16th, for a performance of “I’m Just Kidneying” which is a highly praised one-woman show which takes a serious but humorous look at organ donation.  THE FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who respond to this invitation will receive a no-charge guest ticket and we hope to have a “friend circle” after.  Email Diane at [email protected]Here is the ticket info.

Diane DiResta, is CEO of DiResta Communications, a NYC consultancy serving business leaders who wish to master their communications skills, whether one-on-one, in front of a crowd or from an electronic platform.  She is also author of Amazon best-seller KNOCKOUT PRESENTATIONS. Contact: [email protected]

For information on the donation process for a kidney, email: [email protected]

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