Living with Elephants: Stories from the Wild with Beverly and Dereck Joubert at Deepak HomeBase

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FOR THE LOVE OF ELEPHANTS” a conversation with Chelsea Clinton at ABC Home
in New York, February 25. Celebrated Beverly Joubert’s photography exhibit, co–presented with National Geographic, “THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT: Beverly Joubert Explorer in Residence.”

“The Family” ©Beverly Joubert

If you care about our ecology, if you care about human rights, if you care about economic development, and if you care about security, then you must care about the crisis facing Africa’s elephants” were Chelsea Clinton’s opening remarks, at the ABC Home, Deepak HomeBase.

The discussion, For the Love of Elephants, was held in conjunction with Beverly Joubert’s photography exhibit, The African Elephant, at ABC Home. Dereck and Beverly Joubert will come from Botswana to close the exhibit on March 24 with a discussion: Living with Elephants: Stories from the Wild with Beverly and Dereck Joubert at Deepak HomeBase.

“Our focus,” says Beverly Joubert “has been on the most iconic species in Africa and without a doubt the African Elephant is on the top on the list. It is a majestic beast and is incredibly altruistic. Many people fear them; they fear they will be ‘flattened’ by an elephant. The thing is this — they are incredibly gentle. I see them as gentle giants in so many ways. If we respect them in every way, we will in turn get the same respect back from them. I think that is what is key with almost every animal out there, is not to be paranoid and to have total respect. Once you have total respect you start to understand them, you start to understand their behavior, and you start to get inside their soul.” ABC newsletter

In conversation at ABC Home last night, L–R, were: John Heminway, Producer, Director, Writer of Battle for Elephants, H.E. Ambassador Tuvako N. Manongi of Tanzania, Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair Clinton Foundation, Bryan Christy, investigative journalist for National Geographic and Joshua Ginsberg, Senior VP Global Conservation Program, Wildlife Conservation Society.

“Regardless of what brought you to this conversation this evening, I hope that you will leave with a greater understanding of why what is happening on another continent — to such a majestic species, as we see in the beautiful photographs surrounding us this evening — is relevant to all of us sitting here in New York City.” said Chelsea Clinton in closing.

March 24th tickets available at [email protected]

THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT: Beverly Joubert Explorer in Residence photographs in exhibit


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