Learn About the Emerging Trends to Help You Think Outside the Box When Planning Your Special Party This Season

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Learn About the Emerging Trends to Help You 
 Think Outside the Box When Planning Your Special Party This Season
Fall & winter holiday evening cocktail parties, brunch and homemade gifts are on everyone’s mind as we gear up for the season. Social media is taking center stage as one of the newest ways to plan and execute a home soiree. Event hashtags along with elaborate party photo shoots and creative party details appearing on Pinterest are trending this year.
In addition, many party experts say people are anxious for gatherings to be less expensive with a more casual cocktail party approach, rather than a sit-down dinner, because it allows guests to mingle more freely. Planners say food can be simple and decorations don’t have to be fancy.
Another idea when hosting a holiday get together is to make some unique and simple DIY infusions before the party begins in order to create personalized and fun cocktails. Infusions, or the process of soaking any combination of botanical ingredients in spirits, are a simple way to make all-natural flavored liqueurs not available in stores– and there’s no end to the creative possibilities. Herbs, spices and fruits are most commonly used for infusions. It’s a great way to make your party different instead of serving the same old cocktails and, you can send guests home with these infusions packaged in a cute apothecary bottle or mason jar.
You can also dress up your drinks with unique garnishes, such as fresh cranberries skewered on toothpicks or cinnamon sticks. For the table, use brown craft paper that you can write on and indicate where your guests can go for the different flavor infusions and draw a line connecting the best food pairings for each flavor.


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