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Colony Lender demands $5 million from unit owners; Yablon fires back

Colony Lender sent a demand letter to each and every Colony unit owner seeking the $5 million in rent and interest and taxes for the recreational facilities at the closed resort they say is legally due under contractual agreement.

Furthermore, the demand is for each unit owner for the full amount contending the lease agreement makes each owner responsible jointly and severally.

On Friday, Aug. 15, all 233 unit owners were mailed a letter demanding past due rent and interest on the recreational property owned by Colony Lender and bound to unit owners through a lease agreement that pledges each owner’s unit as collateral.

Association of Colony Unit Owners President Jay Yablon responded in the early evening as did Association Attorney Jeffrey Warren, contending not only was the demand full of “misinformation”, but sending it was not legally allowable under their reorganization plan.

This week Longboat Key Turtle Watch Volunteers found a hole dug in the sand in what is termed as Zone C. There was a hole that beachgoers had dug and had not filled in. The nest nearby had hatched, and 16 hatchlings were found by the volunteers stuck in the hole on their crawl to the ocean. Luckily, since the members came across them early and took the hatchlings out of the hole, they were all able to get out to the ocean. The volunteer group wanted to use this event as a reminder for people who use the beach to fill in any holes they make or find

The 4th Annual Fundraiser, “Scallopalooza” for Community-Based Scallop Restoration was held at the Sarasota Yacht Club this past Saturday August 9. approximately 200 people attended. Chief Meteorologist for ABC 7, Bob Harrigan, hosted this annual fun filled educational event to benefit Sarasota Bay Watch’s efforts of Scallop restoration of Sarasota Bay.

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