Kaylene McCaw is Our Lady Melody In Guidance On Demand Coming to the SaraSolo Festival on Sunday, February 5th at 1PM

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Kaylene McCaw is Our Lady Melody

In Guidance On Demand

Coming to the  SaraSolo Festival on Sunday, February 5th at 1PM

Tickets: http://gottavan.strikingly.com


Our Lady Melody is the person I wanted to be when I grew up.

She is a Magical Crone who lives in the New World that we all dream is possible.    In the New World she has a new job, working for Universal Tech Support providing Guidance On Demand for this virtual reality game we call the Human Experience.  Stories are the software we use to navigate through the Human Experience, and Our Lady Melody helps us tell better Stories that make us believe in Life again.  If you keep ending up someplace you didn’t want to be in life, there’s something wrong with the Story you’re telling yourself.  There’s an app for that.


Guidance On Demand combines the art of sacred storytelling with original music, clever computer imagery and an infectious spirit of joy and infinite possibility.  It grew out of the time I spent with fundamentalist Christians, which morphed from a beautiful experience of intimacy with the Maker of Life into a twisted system of mind control.  By the time I escaped the Church, I couldn’t say the G-word without throwing up in my mouth a little bit.  Then I learned about Shamanism, which is how our most ancient ancestors stayed connected with the sacredness of Life.  I used my shamanic skills to create the idea of  Guidance On Demand (G.O.D.) because I had to find a new way to envision our connection with the Source of Life.


The YouTube playlist Our Lady Melody Tells It Like It Is provides live updates from Guidance On Demand every Friday.   You can find out more about what keeps this Old White Lady in trouble at KayleneMcCaw.com.

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