Just in time for Mother’s Day, talented pop singer-songwriter Tony Ferrari releases a song called “Mothers”

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, talented pop singer-songwriter Tony Ferrari releases a song called “Mothers“.

The perfect anthem, dedicated to all moms around the world. The official video for Tony Ferrari’s song ‘Mothers‘ is dedicated to all moms and all that they do.

Watch the official music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIdZ_d4kEH0

Listen the song on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iamtonyferrari/mothers?in=iamtonyferrari/sets/gentleman

Tony Ferrari: a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who is bringing a refreshing and vintage flavor to pop music.

“I started to write the song “Mothers” after my mother and I had a long conversation about music and how I wanted to make her proud. She let me know that I already had. I ended up writing the song in about five minutes, and it was effortless. I surprised her by playing it at my next show when she was the audience, and I watched her burst into tears and had to jump off stage and hug her. For having such an impact on my life, that was the least I could do to thank her” said Tony.

After a three-month residency at Hotel Café, Tony SOLD OUT the legendary Troubadour in January. You can watch clips here.

His last single ‘Bite’ was featured on the NFL on FOX last season – listen to the song here.

Check out Tony singing John Legand‘s “All of Me” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbmBQT5YT2w&list=UU36txNpSRWfWbxoOy98c8dA



Growing up, Tony always knew his Grandpa as a published poet whom inspired him and taught him to love writing. Throughout the years of school, he played every sport and practiced every pastime known to man, but he knew his greatest passion was for writing. High school was a hard time for Tony as he moved from a small private middle school, and found himself eating lunch in the library with earphones in and a book for most of his freshman year. That is where he learned to love music and really developed his writing. “I remember the first time I heard Nat King Cole in that library. That’s when I knew I had to sing,” said Ferrari.

Tony has no background or formal training in music, but was and continue to be inspired by the legends in Soul and Pop – Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Al Greene – they all taught him to create from the heart.  At age 16, Tony picked up the guitar and started singing at 18, and that’s when he began writing music. Tony says, “I am inspired by life, love, happiness and relationships. I find inspiration in my own experiences with love – finding it, being in it, losing it, and the crazy journey of self-discovery that comes with it.” Tony began the process of his new album, ‘Gentleman,’ over two years ago. It is a compilation of songs that really hold true to who he is as an artist. Tony says, “The message I want to spread through this album is that everyone deserves to be loved and respected. In a time when a lot of music is demeaning to women, and people in general, I want to create something that reminds you that you always deserve the best. I teamed up with talented producer Max Allyn and made a record that I am incredibly excited about and proud of!

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